The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace

Essays on Ecology, Nature, Nonviolence, and Peace

Editor: Andrew Fiala
The essays collected in The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace consider connections between ecology, environmental ethics, nonviolence, and philosophy of peace. Edited by Andrew Fiala, this book includes essays written by important scholars in the field of peace studies, pacifism, and nonviolence, including Michael Allen Fox, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Bill Gay, and others. Topics include: ecological consciousness and nonviolence, environmental activism and peace activism, the environmental impact of militarism, native and indigenous peoples and peace, food ethics and nonviolence, and other topics.

The book should be of interest to scholars, students, and activists who are interested in the relationship between peace movements and environmentalism.

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Andrew Fiala, Ph.D. is Professor of Philosophy at Fresno State University and President of Concerned Philosophers for Peace. Publications include Practical Pacifism (2004), The Just War Myth (2008), Public War, Private Conscience (2010), and Against Religion, Wars, and States (2013).

00 Preface, Andrew Fiala

1. Introduction: Violence and Nonviolence in the Environmental Movement, Andrew Fiala, Fresno State University
2. Return to Earth, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, SUNY Cortland
3. Reflections on Violence, Michael Fox, Queens University/University of New England
4. On War and the Environment, Lloyd Steffen, Lehigh University
5. Negative Impacts of Militarism, Bill Gay, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
6. Nature and Human Dwelling, Wendy Hamblet, North Carolina A&T
7. Moral Extensionism and Nonviolence, Sanjay Lal, Clayton State University
8. Anthropocentrism, Conservatism and Green Political Thought, Michael Hemmingsen, McMaster University
9. Guerrilla Gardening for Peace: Existentialist Ethics in Food Deserts, Damon Boria, Purdue University
10. Slow Violence and Agriculture, Jonathan McConnell, Purdue University
11. Kant’s Duty Ethics as a complement for resolving socio-political conflict in Africa, Solomon Laleye, Adekunle Ajasin University (Nigeria)
12. Sequoyah and Seattle: Chief World Systems, Dave Boersema, Pacific University
13. The Beloved Community, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, SUNY Cortland

Scholars, activists, and students of peace, ecology, environmentalism, ethics, and political philosophy