History of Global Christianity, Vol. III

History of Christianity in the 20th century

The third volume of History of Global Christianity addresses the 20th century. An international cast of (Church) historians and Religious Studies scholars relate the developments in this century, from the World Wars into postmodern times. The century is discussed along chronological and geographical lines, as the other volumes, but also focuses on more thematical issues such as Ecumenism, Antisemitism and Human Rights.

Contributors are: Andrew Chandler, Melanie Duguid-May, Siegfried Hermle, Katharina Kunter, Frieder Ludwig, Gerard Mannion, Harry Oelke, Jens Holger Schjørring, Ulrike Schröder, Kevin Ward.

This is part of a three volume work on the history of global Christianity. The first two volumes cover the periods from 1500-1789 and the 19th century (published 2017).

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Jens Holger Schjørring, Dr. Theol. (Aarhus University), is Professor of Church History emeritus at Aarhus University, Denmark. His publications include Theologische Gewissensethik und politische Wirklichkeit: Das Beispiel Eduard Geismars und Emmanuel Hirschs (1979) and Ökumenische Perspektiven des deutschen Kirchenkampfes (1985) and studies of the relationship between African and European churches and those of Eastern Europe under Communist rule.

Norman A. Hjelm, Teol.Dr. (h.c.) (Uppsala University, 2009), has been senior theological editor and director of Fortress Press in the United States, an executive with the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, Switzerland, and an ecumenical officer for the National Council of Churches in the U.S. Most recently he has contributed to The Finnish and Estonian Churches during the Cold War (2016) and to The North American Christian Community and the Cold War (2017).
"Focusing more on movements, institutions, and geographical regions than on individual personalities, this resource will help nonspecialists and specialists alike map out topics for further research in the last 500 years of global church movements." - M.S. Hill, Liberty University in *Choice*, November 2018.

"The volumes take a fresh approach in presenting historical research from a global angle, so as to not be constrained by the typical European ethnocentric tunnel vision. Too often Church history was written and prescribed from a Eurocentric perspective, which is as much apparent in its terminology (e.g. Middle East, Near East) as in its proportional selection (more attention for the Atlantic axis). In this regard the series is a ‘Fundgrube’ of data, narratives, and historical reflections not hindered by cultural biases given with the false assumption that modernity and civilisation only started with the wake of Europe." - Henk Bakker, Free University Amsterdam, JEBS 21:1 (2021), pp. 201-203.
Foreword Volume iii
List of Contributors
Introduction, 20th Century, Volume iii
Jens Holger Schjørring

Part 1 

1 Christianity in the First World War
Jens Holger Schjørring

2 Christianity in Europe and North America between the World Wars, 1918–c. 1939
Andrew Chandler

3 Second World War
Harry Oelke

4 Christianity in Europe and North America in the Age of the Cold War
Andrew Chandler

Part 2 

5 Christianity, Human Rights, and Socio-Ethical Reorientations
Katharina Kunter

6 The Ecumenical Movement
Melanie Duguid-May

7 Vatican II: How the First Global Council Transformed Catholicism
Gerard Mannion

8 Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, and Reorientation
Siegfried Hermle

9 Christianity in the Context of Other World Religions: Interreligious Dynamics and Developments in the 20th Century
Frieder Ludwig and Ulrike Schröder

Part 3 

10 The Christian Century? A History of Christianity in North America, 1900–2000
Heath W. Carter

11 Christianity in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 20th Century
Veit Strassner

12 African Christianity in the Twentieth Century
Akintunde E. Akinade

13 African Christianity in the 20th Century – Part Two
Kevin Ward

14 Christianity in the Middle East, 1917–2017
Mitri Raheb

15 Christianities in Asia in the Twentieth Century (1910–2010)
Peter C. Phan

16 Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania
Geoffrey Troughton

17 Christianity in Russia and Eastern Europe
Thomas Bremer

18 Christianity in Europe

Grace Davie

Kevin Ward
Index of Names
Index of Places
All interested in the global history of Christianity, its expansion, its relationships to societies and civilizations, and its internal confessional development. Undergraduate and postgraduate students, and students and specialists in history, culture, and ecclesiology.
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