Themes from Ontology, Mind, and Logic

Present and Past. Essays in Honour of Peter Simons


Themes from Ontology, Mind and Logic celebrates Peter Simons’s admirable career. The book contains seventeen essays with themes ranging from metaphysics to phenomenology. The contributions by Fabrice Correia, Bob Hale and Crispin Wright, Ingvar Johansson, Kathrin Koslicki, Uriah Kriegel, Wolfgang Künne, Edgar Morscher, Kevin Mulligan, Maria Elisabeth Reicher, Maria van der Schaar, Benjamin Schnieder, Johanna Seibt, Ted Sider, David Woodruff Smith, Mark Textor and Jan Woleński, tackle the problems that defined Simons’s work and insights into some of today’s most interesting and significant philosophical questions.

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Sandra Lapointe is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University. A Commonwealth alumna and a Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation, she completed her PhD in 2000 at the University of Leeds (UK) and held various research positions (Montreal, Luxembourg, France) before accepting tenure track jobs at Concordia University in Montreal and then at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She specializes in the history of analytical philosophy. Her published work include: New Anti-Kant (ed., with Clinton Tolley, 2014) Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy (2011); Qu’est-ce que l’analyse? (2008); and a number of other books, articles and book chapters. She is currently the Chief Editor of the Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy and coordinates the activities of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy.

Part I: Ontology

Fabrice CORREIA: Logical Grounding and First-Degree Entailments
Ingvar JOHANSSON: Collections as One-and-Many—On the Nature of Numbers
Kathrin KOSLICKI: In Defense of Substance
Uriah KRIEGEL: How to Speak of Existence: A Brentanian Approach to (Linguistic and Mental) Ontological Commitment
Maria Elisabeth REICHER: Computer-generated Music, Authorship, and Work Identity
Benjamin SCHNIEDER: The Asymmetry of ‘Because’
Johanna SEIBT: Non-Transitive Parthood, Leveled Mereology, and the Representation of Emergent Parts of Processes
Ted SIDER: Nothing Over and Above
David WOODRUFF SMITH: On Basic Modes of Being: Metametaphysical
Refl ections in Light of Whitehead, Husserl, Ingarden, Hintikka

Part II: Mind
Kevin MULLIGAN,: Annehmen, Phantasieren und Entertaining. Husserl und Meinong
Mark TEXTOR: Meaning, Entertaining, and Phantasy Judgement
Maria VAN DER SCHAAR: Th e Th ings We Call True

Part III: Logic
Bob HALE & Crispin WRIGHT: Bolzano’s Defi nition of Analytic Propositions
Wolfgang KÜNNE: On Having a Property. Corrigenda in Bolzano’s Wissenschaftslehre
Edgar MORSCHER: Th e Logic of Truth
Jan WOLEŃSKI: An Analysis of Logical Determinism
All interested in the study of contemporary ontology, phenomenology and the history of analytical philosophy including the history of logic and philosophy of mind.
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