Looking for A Road

China Debates Its and the World's Future


Editor: SHAO Binhong
Which three stages of the evolution of world order has China gone through? How does China deal with its neighbors, and with the countries on its periphery? How will China and the United States avoid falling into ‘The Thucydides Trap’? What led China to propose the ‘One-Belt-One-Road’ joint development initiative? This volume, the first of its kind, gathers a collection of translations of influential essays, speeches, and papers on Chinese foreign policy, national security, and foreign economic relations written by Chinese scholars. Many papers have also served as propositions for policy prescriptions to China's leaders, the vast majority of which have, to date, only been available in Chinese.

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Shao Binhong is senior editor at the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and also Secretary-General of the China Society of World Economics. Since 1996, she has been managing editor-in-chief of the International Economic Review, one of China’s core periodicals.
List of Contributors vii
Journal Information xvIi
Introduction 1
Shao Binhong
1 Return of China’s Regional Concept and Construction of a New Order 11
Zhang Yunling
2 Beyond Geopolitical Myth: China’s New Asia Strategy 38
Zhong Feiteng
3 China’s Future East Asian Security Policy Framework: A “Four-Wheel” Structure Design 54
Xu Jin
4 Integration of China Renminbi Internationalization with Asian Monetary Cooperation 69
Zhang Ming
5 China and the United States: It’s Complicated! 83
Fu Ying
6 Sino-US Relations and the East Asian Cold War 90
Niu Jun
7 An Exploration of Conditions for Building a New Type of Major Power Relationship between China and the United States 114
Jin Canrong and Zhao Yuanliang
8 New Game Expects New System 134
Zhao Tingyang
9 Understanding China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative—A New Link Pattern for Deepened Interaction between China and the World 146
Xing Guangcheng
10 Connotation, Orientation and Path of the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative 164
Hu An-gang, Ma Wei, and Yan Yilong
11 Why China? The Economic Logic behind China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative 181
Lu Feng, Li Xin, Li Shuangshuang, Jiang Zhixiao, Zhang Jieping, and Yang Yewei
12 Prudence Crucial for the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative 203
Shi Yinhong
13 The One-Belt-One-Road Initiative and Financial Innovation 211
Ding Yifan, Zhang Ming, Xu Qiyuan, and Deng Haiqing
14 Diplomatic Risks Facing China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative 237
Xue Li
Roundtable Discussions
15 One Belt, One Road, but Many Different Voices 253
Allen Carlson
16 A Few Thoughts on the Motivations and Consequences of the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative 254
Scott L. Kastner
17 China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative and Political Risks 258
Frans Paul van der Putten
Index 261
All interested in the current development and changes China is undergoing, especially those interested in China's new international relations and foreign economic policies