Ports of Globalisation, Places of Creolisation

Nordic Possessions in the Atlantic World during the Era of the Slave Trade


This anthology addresses and analyses the transformation of interconnected spaces and spatial entanglements in the Atlantic rim during the era of the slave trade by focusing on the Danish possessions on the Gold Coast and their Caribbean islands of Saint Thomas, Saint Jan and Saint Croix as well as on the Swedish Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. The first part of the anthology addresses aspects of interconnectedness in West Africa, in particular the relationship between Africans and Danes on the Gold Coast. The second part of this volume examines various aspects of interconnectedness, creolisation and experiences of Danish and Swedish slave rules in the Caribbean.

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Holger Weiss, Ph.D. (1997, Helsinki University), is Professor of General History at Åbo Akademi University in Finland. He has published widely on African, global and Atlantic history, including Framing a Radical African Atlantic: African American Agency, West African Intellectuals and the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers (Brill, 2014).
Acknowledgements ... vii
List of Illustrations ... viii
List of Contributors ... x

1 Introduction: Portals of Early Modern Globalisation and Creolisation in the Atlantic World during the Era of the Slave Trade ... 1
Holger Weiss

2 The Entangled Spaces of Oddena, Oguaa and Osu: A Survey of Three Early Modern African Atlantic Towns, ca. 1650–1850 ... 22
Holger Weiss

3 ‘A Fine Flintlock, a Pair of Ditto Pistols and a Hat with a Gold Galloon’: Danish Political and Commercial Strategies on the Gold Coast in the
Early 18th Century ... 68
Fredrik Hyrum Svensli

4 Slave Trade, Slave Plantations and Danish Colonialism ... 101
Per Hernæs

5 Pre-Colonial Visions of a Colony: The Construction of the Pligtarbejder in a Proposed Danish West African Colony ... 140
Jonas Møller Pedersen

6 The Question of Rights in a Colour-Conscious Empire: The Danish West Indies and the Global Age of Revolutions (1800–1850) ... 154
Christian Damm Pedersen

7 The Overly Candid Missionary Historian: C.G.A. Oldendorp’s Theological Ambivalence over Slavery in the Danish West Indies ... 191
Anders Ahlbäck

8 Freedom, Autonomy, and Independence: Exceptional African Caribbean Life Experiences in St. Thomas, the Danish West Indies, in the Middle of the 18th Century ... 218
Louise Sebro

9 Magic, Obeah and Law in the Danish West Indies, 1750s–1840s ... 245
Gunvor Simonsen

10 Thirty-Two Lashes at Quatre Piquets: Slave Laws and Justice in the Swedish Colony of St. Barthélemy ca. 1800 ... 280
Fredrik Thomasson

Index ... 307
All interested in Atlantic history as well as Scandinavian experiences of slavery in the Atlantic world during the eighteenth and early nineteenth century.
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