Indian Foreign Policy and the Border Dispute with China

A New Look at Asian Relationships


This volume is an updated and expanded version of the author’s original book, first published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers and based on his cum laude doctoral dissertation. That volume discussed how the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence drowned in the first war between a communist and a non-aligned state. This new edition reproduces the original text, but supplements it considerably in light of subsequent developments and official records and reports only later released or leaked to the public. It places Sino-Indian relations in the wider, current context of the rise of China, the position of Tibet and the disorganised state of Asia. The border dispute did not prevent substantial economic relations developing between the two countries and visits taking place at the highest political level. But it still gives rise to almost daily incursions, and in the current climate, the risk of a clash is growing, as forces have been strengthened and most of the Line of Actual Control has not been demarcated. This thought-provoking volume sheds light on what is still a complex and uneasy relationship.

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Willem van Eekelen (1931), a diplomat turned politician, started his career at the Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi in 1975 and became Minister of Defence of the Netherlands in 1986. He has travelled widely in India and Tibet.
Excerpt of table of contents:
Introduction; Abbreviations; Maps;
Chapter I - The Policy of Non-Alignment
Chapter II - Sino-Indian Relations Prior to 1954
Chapter III - Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence
Chapter IV - Panchsheel and Afro-Asian Cooperation
Chapter V - India's Position in International Conflict
Chapter VI - The Border Dispute with China
Chapter VII - Legal Aspects of the Border Dispute
Chapter VIII - Political Motives in the Border Dispute
Chapter IX - Conclusions (1964)
Chapter X - Three Post Mortems … and More
Chapter XI - Sino – Indian Relations after the War of 1962
Chapter XII - The Wider Context
Appendix I - A Further Note On Tibet
Appendix II - Contacts between Dharamsala and Beijing
Bibliography (1964)
Further Bibliography (2015)
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