Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100-1800


Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100-1800 investigates how emotions were conceptualised and practised in the medieval and early modern period, as they ordered systems of thought and practice—from philosophy and theology, music and literature, to science and medicine.

Analysing discursive, psychic and bodily dimensions of emotions as they were experienced, performed and narrated, authors explore how emotions were understood to interact with more abstract intellectual capacities in producing systems of thought, and how these key frameworks of the medieval and early modern period were enacted by individuals as social and emotional practices, acts and experiences of everyday life.

Contributors are: Han Baltussen, Susan Broomhall, Louis C. Charland, Louise D’Arcens, Raphaële Garrod, Yasmin Haskell, Danijela Kambaskovic, Clare Monagle, Juanita Feros Ruys, François Soyer, Robert Weston, Carol J. Williams, R.S. White, and Spencer E. Young.

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Susan Broomhall, FAHA, is Professor of Early Modern History at The University of Western Australia and currently holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship within the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, 1100-1800.
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Hearts and Minds: Ordering Emotions in Europe, 1100–1800
Susan Broomhall
1. Nine Angry Angels: Order, Emotion, and the Angelic and Demonic Hierarchies in the High Middle Ages
Juanita Feros Ruys
2. Christ’s Masculinity: Homo and Vir in Peter Lombard’s Sentences
Clare Monagle
3. Modes and Manipulation: Music, the State, and Emotion
Carol J. Williams
4. Avarice, Emotions, and the Family in Thirteenth-Century Moral Discourse
Spencer E. Young
5. Affective Memory Across Time: The Emotive City of Christine de Pizan
Louise D’Arcens
6. Nicholas of Modruš’s De consolatione (1465–1466): A New Approach to Grief Management
Han Baltussen
7. Hearts on Fire: Compassion and Love in Nicolas Houel’s Traité de la Charité chréstienne
Susan Broomhall
8. Living Anxiously: The Senses, Society and Morality in Pre-Modern England
Danijela Kambaskovic
9. Conceptual Eclecticism and Ethical Prescription in Early Modern Jesuit Discourses about Affects: Suárez and Caussin on Maternal Love
Raphaële Garrod
10. Anatomy of a Passion: Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale as Case Study
Louis C. Charland and R.S. White
11. Arts and Games of Love: Genre, Gender and Special Friendships in Eighteenth-Century Jesuit Poetry
Yasmin Haskell
12. Androgyny and the Fear of Demonic Intervention in the Early Modern Iberian Peninsula: Ecclesiastical and Popular Responses
François Soyer
13. Medical Effects and Affects: The Expression of Emotions in Early Modern Patient–Physician Correspondence
Robert Weston

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This volume will be of interest to scholars of medieval and early modern history interested in intellectual, social and cultural historical approaches to the new history of the emotions.
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