The Jews of Modern France

Images and Identities

The Jews of Modern France: Images and Identities synthesizes much of the original research on modern French Jewish history published over the last decade. Themes include Jewish self-representation and discursive frameworks, cultural continuity and rupture from the eve of emancipation to the contemporary period, and the impact of France's role as a colonial power. This volume also explores the overlapping boundaries between the very categories of "Jewish" and "French."

As a whole, this volume focuses on the shifting boundaries between inner-directed and outer-directed Jewish concerns, behaviors, and attitudes in France over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contributors highlight the fluidity of French Jewish identity, demonstrating that there is no fine line between communal insider and outsider or between an internal and external Jewish concern.

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Zvi Jonathan Kaplan, Ph.D. (2003), Columbia University, is Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History at the Lander College for Women of Touro College in Manhattan. He has published on Moses Mendelssohn, Hungarian Ultra-Orthodoxy, and modern French Jewish history. He is the author of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? French Jewry and the Problem of Church and State (Brown University Press, 2009).

Nadia Malinovich, Ph.D (2000), University of Michigan, is Associate Professor of American Studies at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne. She is the author of French and Jewish: Culture and the Politics of Identity in Early Twentieth Century France (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2008), and has also published on Sephardic Jews in the United States in the post-World War II years.
List of Contributors
Introduction, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan & Nadia Malinovich
Part I: Historiography
1. The Jews of Modern France: A Historiographical Essay, Daniella Doron
Part II: Jewish Integration, Jewish Distinctiveness
2. The Trial of Jacob Benjamin, Supplier to the French Army, 1792-93, Ronald Schechter
3. Reading, Writing, and Religion: The Education of Working-Class Jewish Girls in Paris, 1822-1914, Jennifer Sartori
4. A Jurisprudential Quandary: Jewish Marriage in Post-Separation France, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan
5. Affirming Difference, Confirming Integration: New Forms of Sociability Among French Jews in the 1920s, Nadia Malinovich
Part III: Jews and Politics, Jewish Politics
6. Jews, Liberals and the Civilizing Mission in Nineteenth-Century France, Lisa Moses Leff
7. Jewish Anticlericalism in Germany and France: A Transnational Polemic, Ari Joskowicz
8. Shaping Children’s Lives: American Jewish Aid in Post-World War II France (1944-1948), Laura Hobson Faure
9. “The French Jewish Community Speaks to You with One Voice”: Dissent and the Shaping of French Jewish Politics since World War II, Ethan B. Katz & Maud S. Mandel
10. A Jewish-Muslim Battle on the World Stage: Constantine, Algeria 1956, Jessica Hammerman
Part IV: Imagining Jews, Performing Jewishness
11. Thinking the Jew through the Turbulent Nineteenth Century: The Idea of Rachel, Julie Kalman
12. Disunity in Death: Jewish Funerals in the Jewish Press in Mid-Nineteenth Century Paris, Jeffrey Haus
13. Not as Simple as “Bonjour”: Synagogue Building in Nineteenth-Century Paris, Saskia Coenen Snyder
14. Reimagining Jewish-Muslim Relations on Screen: French-Jewish Filmmakers and the Middle East Conflict, Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall
15. Defining France and Defending Israel: Romantic Nationalism and the Paradoxes of French Jewish Belonging, Kimberly A. Arkin
Intended for scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students of modern Jewish and modern French history, as well as the educated layperson.