Islam and Rationality

The Impact of al-Ghazālī. Papers collected on his 900th Anniversary. Vol. 2


Al-Ghazālī (d. 505/1111) is one of the most influential thinkers of Islam. There is hardly a genre of Islamic literature where he is not regarded as a major authority. Islamic Law, Sufism, ethics, philosophy, and theology are all deeply shaped by him. Yet in the past thirty years, the field of Ghazālī-studies has been shaken by the realization that Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā, d. 428/1037) and other philosophers had a strong influence on him. Now, after the 900th anniversary at his death, the field emerges stronger than ever. This second volume of Islam and Rationality: The Impact of al-Ghazālī brings together twelve leading experts on al-Ghazālī who write about his thought and the impact it had on later Muslim thinkers.

Contributors are: Anna Ayşe Akasoy, Ahmed El Shamsy, Kenneth Garden, Frank Griffel, Jules Janssens, Damien Janos, Taneli Kukkonen, Stephen Ogden, M. Sait Özervarlı, Martin Riexinger, Ulrich Rudolph, and Ayman Shihadeh.

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Frank Griffel, PhD (1999), Freie Universität Berlin, is Professor of Islamic Studies at Yale University, New Haven, USA. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on Islamic thought, Islamic theology, and Arabic and Islamic philosophy, including Al-Ghazālī’s Philosophical Theology (New York 2009).

Notes on Contributors
Keys and Conventions

Part I
Al-Ghazālī’s Works and His Thought

1 Al-Ghazālī on Error
Taneli Kukkonen

2 Al-Ghazālī’s Concept of Philosophy
Ulrich Rudolph

3 Problems in al-Ghazālī’s Perfect World: Objections and Counter-Objections to His Best
Possible World Thesis
Stephen Ogden

4 Al-Ghazālī’s Teleology and the Galenic Tradition
Reading The Wisdom in God’s Creations (al-Ḥikma fī makhlūqāt Allah)
Ahmed El Shamsy

5 Al-Ghazālī and Kalām: The Conundrum of His Body-Soul Dualism
Ayman Shihadeh

6 Al-Ghazali's Veils Section: Comparative Religion before Religionswissenschaft?
Anna Ayṣe Akasoy

7 Is There An Autograph of al-Ghazālī in MS Yale, Landberg 318?
Frank Griffel

Part II
Al-Ghazālī’s Influence

8 Intuition, Intellection, and Mystical Knowledge: Delineating Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī’s
Cognitive Theories
Damien Janos

9 Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī’s Use of al-Ghazālī’s Mishkāt in His Commentary on the
Light Verse (Q 24:35)
Jules Janssens

10 Ottoman Perceptions of al-Ghazālī’s Works and Discussions on His Historical Role
in the Late Ottoman Period
M. Sait Özervarlı

11 Al-Ghazālī’s “Demarcation of Science:” A Commonplace Apology in the Muslim
Reception of Modern Science — and its Limitations
Martin Riexinger

12 The Revival of the Religious Sciences in the Twenty-First Century: Suʿād Ḥakīm’s
Adaptation of al-Ghazālī’s Revival
Kenneth Garden

All interested in Islamic intellectual history, theology, and Arabic philosophy, and particularly in the relationship between Islam and rationality.
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