Approaches to Complex Predicates


Complex predicates can be loosely defined as a sequence of items that behave as a single predicate, projecting a single argument structure within a clause. Each of the members of the predicate contributes part of the information ordinarily associated with a single head.
The present volume presents a collection of theoretical linguistic results on the study of complex predicates in different perspectives and with a variety of approaches. Important empirical and theoretical issues cutting across various subfields of linguistics are being addressed in this book, such as :
• Syntactic and semantic modeling of complex predicate formation: compositionality, argument structure, event structure.
• Differences between syntactic and morphological processes of lexeme formation.
• Typological and diachronic issues in complex predicate formation.
• Neo-Davidsonian analyses of abstract predicate decomposition and its morphological correlates

Contributors are: Ane Berro, Denis Creissels, Hannah Gibson, Adele Goldberg, Lutz Marten, Annie Montaut, Léa Nash, Pooja Paul, Pollet Samvelian, Peter Svenonius, and Susanne Wurmbrand.

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Biographical Note

Léa Nash, Ph.D. (1995), Paris 8 University, is Professor of Linguistics at that university. She has published many articles in theoretical syntax, especially on argument structure, case theory, and ergativity.

Pollet Samvelian, Ph.D. (1995), Paris Diderot University, is Professor of Linguistics at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. She has published several books and articles on the syntax and morphology of Iranian languages, especially on complex predicates, bare objects, clitics, and verbal periphrases.

Contributors are: Ane Berro, Denis Creissels, Hannah Gibson, Adele E. Goldberg, Lutz Marten, Annie Montaut, Léa Nash, Pooja Paul, Pollet Samvelian, Peter Svenonius (University of Tromsø), Susanne Wurmbrand.

Table of contents

1 Introduction: Approaches to Complex Predicates
Léa Nash and Pollet Samvelian

2 From Adpositions to Events: The Case of Location Verbs in Basque
Ane Berro

3 Univerbation of Light Verb Compounds and the Obligatory Coding Principle
Denis Creissels

4 Variation and Grammaticalisation in Bantu Complex Verbal Constructions: The Dynamics of Information Growth in Swahili, Rangi and SiSwati
Hannah Gibson and Lutz Marten

5 Tuning in to the Verb-Particle Construction in English
Adele E. Goldberg

6 Noun-Verb Complex Predicates in Hindi and the Rise of Non-Canonical Subjects
Annie Montaut

7 Malayalam Ceyy-Support and Its Relation to Event and Argument Structure
Pooja Paul

8 Complex Predicates as Complementation Structures
Peter Svenonius

9 Complex Predicate Formation via Voice Incorporation
Susanne Wurmbrand



theoretical linguists, diachronic linguists, typologists.