The Alter-Imperial Paradigm

Empire Studies & the Book of Revelation


Many assume the book of Revelation is merely an “anti-imperial” attack on the Roman Empire. Yet, Shane J. Wood argues this conclusion over-exaggerates Rome’s significance and, thus, misses Revelation’s true target—the construction of the alter-empire through the destruction of the preeminent adversary: Satan. Applying insights from Postcolonial criticism and 'Examinations of Dominance,' this monograph challenges trajectories of New Testament Empire Studies by developing an Alter-Imperial paradigm that appreciates the complexities between the sovereign(s) and subject(s) of a society—beyond simply rebellion or acquiescence. Shane J. Wood analyses Roman propaganda, Jewish interaction with the Flavians, and Domitianic persecution to interpret Satan's release (Rev 20:1-10) as the climax of God's triumphal procession. Thus, Rome provides the imagery; Eden provides the target.

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Shane J. Wood, Ph.D. (2014, University of Edinburgh), is Professor of New Testament Studies and Director of the B.Th. New Testament Program at Ozark Christian College (USA). He has published various works on Revelation, which includes editing Dragons, John, and Every Grain of Sand: Essays on the Book of Revelation (College, 2011).

All interested in Empire Studies, Johannine literature, Apocalyptic literature (especially the Book of Revelation), and imperial interaction in subject texts (including Postcolonial Studies)--academic libraries, public libraries, post-graduates, scholars.