Platonic Theories of Prayer


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Platonic Theories of Prayer is a collection of ten essays on the topic of prayer in the later Platonic tradition. The volume originates from a panel on the topic held at the 2013 ISNS meeting in Cardiff, but is supplemented by a number of invited papers. Together they offer a comprehensive view of the various roles and levels of prayer characteristic of this period. The concept of prayer is shown to include not just formal petitionary or encomiastic prayer, but also theurgical practices and various states of meditation and ecstasy practised by such major figures as Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus, Proclus, Damascius or Dionysius the Areopagite.

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John Dillon is Regius Professor of Greek (emeritus) at Trinity College Dublin. Graduating from Oxford in 1961, he gained a PhD from University of California, Berkeley in 1969, and subsequently joined the faculty there, until returning to Dublin in 1980. He is the author and editor of several books on Greek Philosophy, in particular the history of the Platonic tradition, including The Middle Platonists (1977/1996).

Andrei Timotin is researcher at the Romanian Academy (ISEES), Bucharest. He received a PhD in History at the EHESS in Paris (2008), and another one in Ancient Philosophy at EPHE, Paris (2010). His publications on the Platonic tradition include La démonologie platonicienne. Histoire de la notion de daimōn de Platon aux derniers néoplatoniciens, Brill (2012), for which he received the Reinach Prize of the Association des Études Grecques.

Contributors are: Luc Brisson, John Dillon, Gilles Dorival, Danielle A. Layne, Menahem Luz, Carl S. O’Brien, José Manuel Redondo, Andrei Timotin, Marilena Vlad and Michael Wakoff.
All interested in ancient religion and philosophy, and in the Platonic tradition in particular.
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