Rethinking Ernst Bloch


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This volume offers a critical re-assessment of the thought of Ernst Bloch, best-known for his groundbreaking study The Principle of Hope and one of the most significant European thinkers and public intellectuals of the twentieth century. It explores Bloch’s life, work and reception; his debt to Marx and Hegel; his central concepts of hope and utopia; his affinities with philosophers such as Gramsci and Žižek; and his radical reframing of our understanding of history, society and culture. Above all, this volume examines the relevance of Bloch’s ideas today, in a world still shot through with economic inequality and social injustice.

Contributors are: Agata Bielik-Robson, Ivan Boldyrev, Henk de Berg, Sam Dolbear, Vincent Geoghegan, Holger Glinka, Loren Goldman, Douglas Kellner, Cat Moir, Jan Rehmann, Nina Rismal, Johan Siebers, and Peter Thompson

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Henk de Berg, Professor of German at the University of Sheffield, is the co-editor of Modern German Thought from Kant to Habermas (Camden House, 2012) and the author of Trump and Hitler: A Comparative Study in Lying (forthcoming).

Cat Moir, Senior Lecturer in Germanic Studies at the University of Sydney, is the author of Ernst Bloch’s Speculative Materialism (Brill, 2019) and the co-editor of Reform, Revolution, and Crisis in Europe (Routledge, 2021).
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1 Ernst Bloch: Life Work – Reception
Cat Moir

2 Will There Be Nothing Rather Than Something? Ernst Bloch’s Overcoming of Gnosticism
Agata Bielik-Robson

3 Art, History and the Language of Death: Bloch’s The Spirit of Utopia between Hegel and Derrida
Ivan Boldyrev

4 Between Dialectics and Metaphysics: Critical Reflections on Bloch’s Subjekt-Objekt
Henk de Berg

5 Bloch’s Commentary on Marx’s ‘Theses on Feuerbach’ in The Principle of Hope
Vincent Geoghegan

6 Natural Law in the Ideas of Bloch, Hegel and Marxism
Holger Glinka

7 The Matter of Bloch’s Philosophy of Nature in the Shadow of Idealism
Loren Goldman

8 Ernst Bloch’s Utopian Philosophy: From Hegel to Marx and Beyond
Douglas Kellner

9 What Can We Hope For? Reading Ernst Bloch with Antonio Gramsci
Jan Rehmann

10 The Possibility of Envisioning Utopias
Nina Rismal

11 Hegel, Marx, Bloch: On the Margins of the Spirit
Johan Siebers and Sam Dolbear

12 Something’s Missing: Bloch’s Unfinished Project of Humanity
Peter Thompson

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