Consecration of Images and Stûpas in Indo-Tibetan Tantric Buddhism


The present work is an investigation of the Indo-Tibetan ritual for consecrating images, stûpas, books and temples. It is based on a thorough examination of the relevant Tibetan textual material contained in Tantras, commentaries, ritual manuals and explanatory works on consecration. As rituals are meant to be performed, this textual study is combined with observations of performances and interviews with performers.
The book opens with a general discussion of certain principles of tantric rituals and the foundations of Indo-Tibetan consecration. The main part focuses on a specific performance of the ritual in a Tibetan monastery located in the Kathmandu Valley.
This volume contributes to the often neglected field of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist rituals. It is concerned with the sacred nature of objects for worship as well as with the main Buddhist tantric transformation into a chosen tantric Buddha.

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Biographical Note

Yael Bentor, Ph.D. (1991) in Tibetan Studies, Indiana University, is a Lecturer in Tibetan Buddhism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her major research field is Indo-Tibetan rituals. She is author of several articles on this subject published in scholarly journals.

Review Quotes

' It is an exemplary monograph on a complex traditional ritual for consecrating reliquaries (stûpa) and temples, expounded and interpreted with the help of senior monks of the Ganden Chöpeling Monastery near Kathmandu, Nepal...a valuable glimpse into the Tantric worldview and Tibetan Buddhist ritualism.' Georg Feuerstein, Traditional Yoga Studies Interactive, 2006. ' This excellent study is highly recommendable to all who are interested in the role that rituals play in the life of (any) community.' H.G., Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2002. ' This well-produced volume can be suggested to every serious student of Tibetan ritual, a field that has been attracting great interest in recent years.' Franz-Karl Ehrhard, The Tibet Journal, 1998.


All those interested in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist and Hindu Tantric practices, and the growing field of ritual studies.

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