The Subject of Aesthetics

A psychology of art and experience


How does art influence us? In The Subject of Aesthetics, Tone Roald approaches aesthetics as a psychological discipline, showing how works of art challenge our habitual ways of perceiving the world. While aesthetics has traditionally been a philosophical discipline, Roald discusses how it is very much alive in the realm of psychology – a qualitative psychology of lived experience. But what actually constitutes an aesthetics of lived experience? The book answers that question by analyzing people’s own engagement with visual art. What emerges is that the object of aesthetics is indeed the subject.
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Biographical Note

Tone Roald, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at University of Copenhagen. She has published and edited several books and articles on aesthetics, including Art and Identity. Essays on the Aesthetic Creation of Mind (Rodopi, 2013).


All interested in art, psychology, aesthetics, philosophy, phenomenology and subjectivity.


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