Human Rights and Good Governance


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The Chinese Perspectives on Human Rights and Good Governance series reviews various aspects of human rights and good governance in China, including international human rights standards, specific substantive rights protection and rule of law, as well as constitutionalism, especially in the context of contemporary China. Its aim is to stimulate discussion on these and related topics, with a focus on international standards whenever these are applicable and relevant to China.

In this first volume in the series, the contributors adopt different disciplinary approaches to look at China both in the context of its internal constraints and as a global player in the overall development of human rights. Where is China headed in the near future? Does Chinese culture stand in contradiction to human rights? Is the rule of law alien to Chinese society? Can China move ahead without political reforms? In this thought-provoking volume, leading Chinese and Western scholars offer analysis of these issues, also with reference to Chinese history and contemporary culture.

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Zhang Wei, International Law PhD (2008), Associate Professor, is Co-Director of the Institute for Human Rights at China University of Political Science and Law. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on human rights.

Li Ruoyu, PhD Candidate of Human Rights Law, is an academic editor at the Institute for Human Rights at China University of Political Science and Law. She has published several articles on human rights in academic journals.

Yan Zihan, Master of Human Rights Law (2014), is an academic editor at the Institute for Human Rights at China University of Political Science and Law.
Excerpt of table of contents:
The Relationship between Rule of Law, Human Rights, Good Governance and Democracy Zhang Wei;
Rights-Oriented Ethics in Confucianism Shan Chun;
Chinese Good-Governance and Human Rights Protection Li Yunlong & Qian Zhen;
Human Rights, Good Governance and Protection of Women against Domestic Violence in ChinaWang Jianling;
Research on China’s Partner Assistance Policy and its Improvement in the Post-Disaster Restoration Li Weihai & Sun Xiaolei;
Human Rights Defenders and Good Governance Petter F. Wille;
Two Models of Judicial Oversight of Good Governance Tom Zwart;
Good Governance: Protecting the Most Vulnerable Brian Burdekin Ao;
The Right to Good Administration in the Multilevel System of the European Union – A “Newish” Right Strengthening the Administrative Culture Jonas Grimheden & Gabriel N. Toggenburg;
People’s Livelihood and Good Law and Governance Zhang Wenxian;
The Enforcement of the Constitution and Transformation of Social Governance Patterns Han Dayuan
Human Rights in the Constitutional Law of China in Transition Xu Shuang;
Whether the Human Rights Clause of the Chinese Constitution Can Be Interpreted from the International Human Rights Law Perspective? Qu Xiangfei;
Balance and Imbalance in Human Rights Law Luo Haocai & Song Gongde;
Soft Law, Human Rights and Social Development Liu Huawen;
Human Rights Protection and Social Stability Zhang Xiaoling;
Human Rights and Overhaul of Civil Procedure 2012 Hao Zuocheng
The Development and Evaluation of “Presumption of Innocence” in China Jiang Tianlong;
The Integration and Coordination within the UN Human Rights System and its Challenges to China Sun Meng;
Our Common Humanity: Human Rights Values, Principles and Norms in the Construction of a Just and “Harmonious Society” Christophe Peschoux;
Democracy or Populism Yu Keping;
The Protection and Promotion of Human Rights During (Post-)Conflict Situations: Engaging EU Peacekeepers and NGOS – Lessons for China Matthias Vanhullebusch
Human rights scholars, activists and practitioners, university students and teachers, as well as anyone who are interested in human rights issues and China.
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