The Forgotten Film Adaptations of D.H. Lawrence’s Short Stories


This book looks beyond fidelity to emphasize how each adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s short stories functions as a creative response to a text, foregrounding the significance of its fluidity, transtextuality, and genre. The adaptations analysed range from the first to the most recent and draw attention to the fluidity of textual sources, the significance of generic conventions and space in film, the generic potentialities latent within Lawrence’s tales, and the evolving nature of adaptation. By engaging with recent advances in adaptation theory to discuss the evolving critical reception of the author’s work and the role of the reader, this book provides a fresh, forward-looking approach to Lawrence studies.

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Jason Mark Ward, PhD. Nottingham University, is a Lecturer in literature at Hacettepe University. He has published and presented on literature, adaptation and pedagogy, including The Oscars: Five Filmic Readings of The Rocking-Horse Winner.
"The Forgotten Adaptations of D. H. Lawrence’s Short Stories is a welcome addition to the growing body of Lawrence film scholarship. Its discussion of Odour of Chrysanthemums is excellent, clearly a labour of love and […] the examination of all seven films is always original and provocative.” - Louis K. Greiff, in: Journal of D. H. Lawrence Studies 4.3 (2017)
All interested in D.H. Lawrence’s short stories, adaptation studies, short films of literary sources, television adaptations, modernism on film, or the connections between adaptation, genre studies and the fluid text.
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