Visions, Prophecies and Divinations

Early Modern Messianism and Millenarianism In Iberian America, Spain and Portugal


Visions, Prophecies and Divinations is an introduction to the vast and complex phenomena of prophecy and vision in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires. This book is dedicated to the study of the millenarian and messianic movements in the early modern Iberian world, and it is one of the first collections of essays on the subject to be published in English. The ten chapters range from the analysis of Mesoamerican and South American indigenous prophetical beliefs to the intellectual history of the Luso-Brazilian Jesuit Antônio Vieira and his project of a Fifth Empire, passing through new approaches to the long-lasting Sebastianist belief and its political implications.

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Luís Filipe Silvério Lima, Ph.D. (2005, University of São Paulo), teaches Early Modern History at Federal University of São Paulo. He has published books and several articles on Portuguese Empire and prophetism, including Império dos sonhos: narrativas proféticas, sebastianismo e messianismo brigantino (2010).

Ana Paula Torres Megiani, Ph.D (2001, University of São Paulo), teaches Iberian History at University of São Paulo. She has published books and several articles about D. Sebastião of Portugal, and Monarchy Habsburg’s in Portugal, Spain and Empire (1580-1650).

Contributors are: Cristina Pompa; Eduardo Natalino dos Santos; Francisco Moreno Carvalho; Jacqueline Hermann; João Carlos Gonçalves Serafim; Marcos Antonio Lopes Veiga; Marcus De Martini; Maria Ana T. Valdez; Mark Cooper Emerson; and Stefania Pastore.
"It is a welcome collection on a topic that holds perennial interest in Lusophone Studies." - Simon Park, University of Oxford, in: Luso-Brazilian Review 54:2 (2017)
"Ce livre, qui rassemble douze auteurs, est une contribution importante au dossier du millénarisme, un thème qui fut en vogue à partir de la fin des années 1950 et sur lequel on aurait pu croire, à tort, que tout avait été dit." - Carmen Bernand, in: Archives de sciences sociales des religion October-December 2018, p.184
All interested in early modern Iberian and Colonial Latin America cultures and anyone concerned with millenarianism, prophetical movements and Sebastianism, as well as with religious practices and theological-political thought.
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