The Global Trajectories of Queerness

Re-thinking Same-Sex Politics in the Global South


Editors: Ashley Tellis and Sruti Bala

The Global Trajectories of Queerness interrogates the term “queer” by closely mapping what space the theorizing of same-sex sexualities and sexual politics in the non-West inhabits. From theoretical discussions around the epistemologies of such conceptualizations of space in the Global South, to specific ethnographies of same-sex culture, this collection hopes to forge a way of tracking the histories of race, class, caste, gender, and sexual orientation that form what is called the moment of globalization. The volume, co-edited by Ashley Tellis and Sruti Bala, asks whether the societies of the Global South simply borrow and graft an internationalist (read Euro-US) language of LGBT/queer rights and identity politics, whether it is imposed on them or whether there is a productive negotiation of that language.

Contributing Authors: Sruti Bala, Laia Ribera Cañénguez, Soledad Cutuli, Roderick Ferguson, Iman Ganji, Krystal Ghisyawan, Josephine Ho, Neville Hoad, Victoria Keller, Haneen Maikey, Shad Naved, Guillermo Núñez Noriega, Stella Nyanzi, Witchayanee Ocha, Julieta Paredes, Mikki Stelder, Ashley Tellis, and Wei Tingting

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Ashley Tellis, Ph.D. (1999), University of Cambridge, and postdoctoral Rockefeller fellow (2003-4) in LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA. He has taught at Universities in the US, UK and India and is currently Associate Professor in Gender, Writing and Research at The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM), Chennai, India.

Sruti Bala, Ph.D. (2007), University of Mainz/Germany, currently Assistant Professor in Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and Research Fellow (2014-15) at the Interweaving Performance Cultures Research Center at the Freie Universität Berlin.
Introduction: The Global Careers of Queerness, Ashley Tellis and Sruti Bala
Back in the Mythology of the Missionary Position: Queer Theory as Neoliberal Symptom and Critique, Neville Hoad
Queer of Color Critique and the Question of the Global South, Roderick A. Ferguson
Unqueering India: Toward a psychic account of same-sex subjects in South Asia, Ashley Tellis
Lesbianism, Saudi Arabia, Postcoloniality: Al-Akharun/The Others, Shad Naved
Dismantling the Pink Door in the Apartheid Wall: Towards a Decolonized Palestinian Queer Politics, Haneen Maikey and Mikki Stelder
The Silent Movements of the Iranian Queer, Iman Ganji
Localized Trajectories of Queerness and Activism under Global Governance, Josephine Ho
Of Comrades and Cool Kids: Queer Women’s Activism in China, Wei Tingting
Queering Thailand: On the Emergence of New Gender and Sexual Identities, Witchayanee Ocha
Queer-(in’) the Caribbean: The Trinidad experience, Krystal Nandini Ghisyawan
When the State Produces Hate: Re-thinking the Global Queer Movement through Silence in The Gambia , Stella Nyanzi
“Eating European Chicken”: Notes toward Queer Intercultural Thinking , Guillermo Núñez Noriega
At the Forefront of Sexual Rights? Notes on Argentinean LGBT Activism, Soledad Cutuli and Victoria Keller
The Neocolonial Queer, Julieta Paredes
Outside and Onstage: Experiences of the lesbian feminist theater collective Teatro Siluetas from Guatemala and El Salvador, Laia América Ribera Cañénguez
All interested in queer politics in the context of globalization, theories and ethnographies of gender and sexuality, postcolonial literature, culture and politics