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Katherine Mansfield’s French Lives explores how both the literary, cultural, editorial and biographical influence of French arts and philosophy, and life as an émigré in France shaped Mansfield’s evolution as a key modernist writer, while setting her within the geographies and cultural dynamics of Anglo-French modernism.

Mansfield’s many stays in France were decisive in intellectual, personal and psychological terms: discovering ‘Murry’s Paris’ and the Left Bank; escaping to the War Zone to join Francis Carco; living as a civilian in wartime during the bombardments of Paris; travelling and finding lodgings as a single woman in war-ravaged towns; the experience of bereavement and debilitating ill-health abroad; and the joys and pitfalls for an outsider of a foreign land and idiom.

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Claire Davison is Professor of Modernist Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, and specialises in trans-European and transmedial modernisms. She is the author of Translation as Collaboration: Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and S. S. Koteliansky (Edinburgh University Press, 2014).

Dr Gerri Kimber is a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Northampton and Chair of the international Katherine Mansfield Society. She is co-editor of Katherine Mansfield Studies, and the Series Editor of the 4 vol. Edinburgh Edition of the Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield (2012-16).




Part One: Mansfield in France

Sydney Janet Kaplan
Mansfield and Murry’s Sojourns in France: A Bi-National Quarrel

Louise Edensor
Un profession de foi pour toujours: Katherine Mansfield and Beatrice Hastings in France

Galya Diment
Katherine Mansfield’s Russian Healers

Gilles Freyssinet
Francis Carco: The Poet of ‘Paname’

Part Two: Literary Representations of France

W. Todd Martin
A Tale of Two Cities: London and Paris in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘A Little Episode’

Janka Kascakova
‘For all Parisians are more than half–’: Stereotypes and Physical Love in Katherine Mansfield’s Writing

Gina Wisker
Looking for a Resting Place: Travel and Defamiliarisation in Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Epilogue I: Pension Seguin’

Chris Mourant
‘Alors, Je Pars’: Katherine Mansfield and the New Age, 1915-17

Part Three: Mansfield and French Literature

Janet Wilson
Katherine Mansfield and Anima Mundi: France and the Tradition of Nature Personified

Anne Mounic
Katherine Mansfield, Proust and Baudelaire: On the Questionable Issue of Literary Influence

Mirosława Kubasiewicz
Art Collectors and Artists: Love in the Works of Marcel Proust and Katherine Mansfield

Gerri Kimber
Deux Femmes ‘Vagabondes’: Katherine Mansfield and Colette

Part Four: Intercultural Approaches: The Arts and Languages of France

Tracy Miao
Artistic Coalescence and Synthetic Performance: Katherine Mansfield and her ‘Rhythms’

Rishona Zimring
Rethinking Mansfield Through Gaudier-Brzeska: Monumentality and Intimacy

Josiane Paccaud-Huguet
‘Dames seules’ Lost in Translation: The French Language in Katherine Mansfield’s Stories

Anne-Marie Smith-Di Biasio
Writing the Undiscovered Country: Katherine Mansfield, Childhood and France

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All interested in Katherine Mansfield, modernist studies, Anglo-French literary and artistic communities, translation studies and reception studies

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