The Tunisian ulama 1873-1915

Social structure and response to ideological currents


Review Quotes

' a welcome addition to the sparse literature in English on pre- and early Tunisian Protectorate Society.' Byron D. Cannon, The Middle East Journal, 1980. ' A most welcome addition to the growing literature on the Islamic clergy...An important acquisition for research libraries specializing in Middle Eastern and religious studies…' Ralph Kaplan, Choice, 1979. ' ... the book is an important step towards our understanding of the underlying factors in the modern history of the country, …' Michael Brett, BSOAS, 1982. ' ... a distinct contribution to the study of Muslim institutions likely to influence and shape future trends in Islamic lands…' Caesar E. Farah, American Historical Review, 1982. ' a well-documented analysis of the social character of the Tunisian ulama and their interaction with other components of Tunisian society.' Donald P. Little, Religious Studies Review, 1980.

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