The Indra hymns of the ṛgveda


Although the number of hymns composed in honour of the most popular member of the Vedic pantheon is nearly one- fourth of the total, a monograph on this important collection of religious poetry has up to now never been published.
It has been the author's endeavour to ascertain and examine all relevant facts concerning their structure, the contents and composition of essential constituent parts of the hymns.
Further, this study tries to understand how the poets presented their subject-matter and elaborated their themes; to illustrate by numerous (translated) quotations the character of their elements (praise, prayer, and references to sacrifices); to investigate how far these are kept separate; to examine numerous stylistic and phraseological particulars, and the various peculiarities of their versification as well as the syntactic aspects of this poetry.

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The author has tried to make the book accessible, not only to Sanskrit scholars and Indologists, but also to specialists in comparative literature and the history of religions.
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