Revisiting Aspect and Aktionsart

A Corpus Approach to Koine Greek Event Typology


In Revisiting Aspect and Aktionsart, Francis G.H. Pang employs a corpus approach to analyze the relationship between Greek aspect and Aktionsart. Recent works have tried to predict the meanings that emerge when a certain set of clausal factors and lexical features combine with one of the grammatical aspects. Most of these works rely heavily on Zeno Vendler's telicity distinction. Based on empirical evidence, Pang argues that telicity and perfectivity are not related in a systematic manner in Koine Greek. As a corollary, Aktionsart should be considered an interpretive category, meaning that its different values emerge, not from the interaction of only one or two linguistic parameters, but from the process of interpreting language in context.

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Francis G.H. Pang, Ph.D. (2014), is Lecturer in New Testament at McMaster Divinity College and assistant editor of the journal Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics (BAGL).


1 Aspect, Aktionsart, and New Testament Greek Studies
2 Approaches to Event Typology
3 A Corpus Approach to Koine Greek Event Typology
4 Telicity and Perfectivity in Koine Greek
5 Towards an Interpretive Understanding of Aktionsart

Appendix A: Proposed Representative Corpus of Hellenistic Greek
Appendix B: Aspect/Mood Distributions and Statistical Analyses


All interested in the relationship between Greek aspect and Aktionsart, and anyone concerned with corpus linguistics and Koine Greek Grammar.
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