Approaches to the History and Dialectology of Arabic in Honor of Pierre Larcher


This volume includes the reflections of leading researchers on Arabic and Semitic languages, also understood as systems and representations. The work first deals with Biblical Hebrew, Early Aramaic, Afroasiatic and Semitic. Its core focuses on morpho-syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, rhetoric and logic matters, showing Arabic grammar's place within the system of the sciences of language. In the second part, authors deal with lexical issues, before they explore dialectology. The last stop is a reflection on how Arabic linguistics may prevent the understanding of the Arabs' own grammatical theory and the teaching and learning of Arabic.

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Manuel Sartori, Ph.D. (2012), Aix-Marseille University, is researcher at IREMAM and teaches Arabic at ScPo Aix. He has published several articles on Arabic linguistics.

Manuela E.B. Giolfo, Ph.D. (2010), Aix-Marseille University, is researcher in Arabic language & literature and lecturer in Arabic language & philology at Genoa University, and Chercheuse associée at IREMAM – CNRS - Aix-Marseille University. She edited Arab and Arabic linguistics (2014).

Philippe Cassuto is Professor of Semitic Languages at Aix-Marseille University since 1992, and researcher at IREMAM. He has published monographs and articles, including three books co-authored with Pierre Larcher as Oralité et Écriture dans la Bible et le Coran (2014).

Contributors are: Nadia Anghelescu, Georgine Ayoub, Ramzi Baalbaki, Marie Baize-Varin, Lidia Bettini, Francesco Binaghi, Louis-Jean Calvet, Michael G. Carter, Philippe Cassuto, Joseph Dichy, Martino Diez, Lutz Edzard, Claude Gilliot, Manuela E.B. Giolfo, Alain Girod, George Grigore, Jean-Patrick Guillaume, Wilfrid Hodges, Elie Kallas, Manfred Kropp, MariaLuisa Langella, Jonathan Owens, Fabrizio A. Pennacchietti, Catherine Pinon, Arkadiusz Płonka, Manuel Sartori, Kees Versteegh, and Reinhard Weipert.
All interested in the developement and the history of Arabic and Semitic Linguistics, and anyone concerned with Arabic Grammatical Thought, Lexicology, and Dialectology and with Semitic Languages.
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