Variation and Change in Ancient Greek Tense, Aspect and Modality


In this collective volume edited by Klaas Bentein, Mark Janse, and Jorie Soltic, some of the leading experts in the field explore variation and change in one of the core areas of Ancient Greek grammar: tense, aspect, and modality. The contributors investigate key aspects such as the existence of and competition between linguistic variants, the value of modern linguistic theory for the study of linguistic variation, and the interplay between various dimensions of variation. They focus on various stages of the Greek language (Archaic, Classical, Post-classical, and Byzantine), taking both qualitative and quantitative approaches. By doing so, they offer valuable insights in the multi-faced nature of the Greek verbal system, providing an incentive towards the further study of linguistic variation and change.

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Klaas Bentein is a post-doctoral research fellow at Ghent University. He wrote his dissertation on the history of verbal periphrasis, which has recently been published as Verbal Periphrasis in Ancient Greek: Have- and Be- Constructions (OUP 2016). In his most recent research, he further explores the relationship between language and society, focusing on morpho-syntax in Greek documentary papyri.

Mark Janse is Research Professor in Ancient & Asia Minor Greek at Ghent University. His research interests include Ancient & Modern Greek linguistics & dialectology, Homeric and Byzantine metre and versification, language variation and change, language contact and language death, with particular attention to Greek-Semitic and Greek-Turkish language contacts. He is well-known for his research on Cappadocian, on which he has published extensively, including a grammar.

Jorie Soltic has studied classical languages at Ghent University and holds a PhD in Greek linguistics (dissertation: The Late Medieval Greek πολιτικὸς στίχος poetry: Language, metre and discourse). Her research is focused on discourse linguistics, with particular attention to pragmatic markers, intonation units, word order and the topic-focus distinction.

Contributors are: Rutger J. Allan, Klaas Bentein, Geoffrey Horrocks, Mark Janse, Jerneja Kavčič, Martti Leiwo, Antonio Lillo, Julián Méndez Dosuna, Amalia Moser, Antonio R. Revuelta Puigdollers, Jorie Soltic, Marina Veksina, Gerry Wakker, and Andreas Willi.
The primary target audience for this volume are Greek linguists interested in linguistic variation. The secondary target audience are general linguists with a background knowledge of Ancient Greek, or classical philologists interested in one or more of the specific topics addressed in the volume.