Unresolved Border, Land and Maritime Disputes in Southeast Asia

Bi- and Multilateral Conflict Resolution Approaches and ASEAN's Centrality


Unresolved Border, Land and Maritime Disputes in Southeast Asia, edited by Alfred Gerstl and Mária Strašáková, sheds light on various unresolved and lingering territorial disputes in Southeast Asia and their reflection in current inter-state relations in the region. The authors, academics from Europe and East Asia, particularly address the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and those between Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand and Cambodia. They apply International Relations theories in a wider regional and comparative perspective. The empirical analyses are embedded in a concise theoretical discussion of the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and borders. Furthermore, the book discusses the role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other multi-track mechanisms in border conflict mediation.
Contributors are: Petra Andělová, Alica Kizeková, Filip Kraus, Josef Falko Loher, Padraig Lysaght, Jörg Thiele, Richard Turcsányi, Truong-Minh Vu and Zdeněk Kříž.

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Pages: 313–321
Alfred Gerstl, Dr. (1998), University of Vienna, and Master of International Relations (2004), Macquarie University Sydney, is lecturer and researcher at the Department of East Asia Studies at the University of Vienna. His research focuses on regional cooperation, conflicts and the notion of security in Southeast Asia.

Mária Strašáková, Ph.D. (2011), Charles University, works at the Department of Asian Studies at Metropolitan University Prague. She has published monographs and articles on security issues in Asia, including The South China Sea Dispute in International Relations (MUP Press, 2011).

Academics (and their students), diplomats and governmental officials, think tank analysts, NGOs, journalists focusing on Southeast Asia, and anyone concerned with current events in international relations and security; as well as specialists on the Southeast Asian region and International Relations scholars interested in border conflicts in general.
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