A Companion to William of Saint-Thierry


A Companion to William of Saint-Thierry provides eight new studies on this noted twelfth-century Cistercian writer by some of the most prolific English-language William scholars from North America and Europe and is structured around William’s life, thought, and influence.
A Benedictine abbot who became a Cistercian monk, William of Saint-Thierry (c. 1085-1148) lived through the first half of the twelfth century, a time of significant reform within western Christian monasticism. Although William was directly involved in these reforming efforts while at the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Thierry, his lasting legacy in Christian tradition comes through his written works, many as a Cistercian monk, that showcase his keen intellect, creative thinking, and at times profound insight for spiritual life and its fulfilment.

Contributors: David N. Bell, Thomas X. Davis, E. Rozanne Elder, Brian Patrick McGuire, Glenn E. Myers, Nathaniel Peters, Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen, and F. Tyler Sergent.

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F. Tyler Sergent, Ph.D. (2009), Roskilde Universitet, is Assistant Professor of History and General Studies at Berea College, USA. He has published articles and edited works on William of Saint-Thierry, including Unity of Spirit: Studies on William of Saint-Thierry (Cistercian, 2015), and is currently working on an English translation of William’s De sacramento altaris for Cistercian Publications.
"The focus of this volume is on William of Saint-Thierry's theology and spirituality. For readers looking for an introduction to William's thought, this is a very good place to begin."

Jay Diehl, Long Island University in The Medieval Review, 2020
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F. Tyler Sergent
1 A Chronology and Biography of William of Saint-Thierry
Brian Patrick McGuire
2 William of Saint-Thierry’s Sources and Influences: Ratio Fidei and Fruitio
F. Tyler Sergent
3 The Mystical Theology and Theological Mysticism of William of Saint-Thierry
David N. Bell
4 William of Saint-Thierry on the Soul
Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen
5 William of Saint-Thierry and the Renewal of the Whole ‘Man’
E. Rozanne Elder
6 The Trinity’s Glorifying Embrace: Concientia in William of Saint-Thierry
Thomas X. Davis, ocso
7 The Eucharistic Theology of William of Saint-Thierry
Nathaniel Peters
8 William of Saint-Thierry’s Legacy: Progress toward Trinitarian Participation in the Unio Mystica in Johannes Tauler’s Sermons
Glenn E. Myers

 Works of William of Saint-Thierry: Latin Editions and Recent Translations
 Works Cited: Ancient, Medieval, Modern

Those interested in twelfth-century intellectual history, monastic theology & spirituality, and in particularly early Cistercian thought, and influence. Keywords: William of Saint-Thierry, Cistercian, history, spirituality, reform, Eucharist, mysticism, union, theology, soul, Trinity, image, likeness, enlightenment.
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