Concepts in Action

Conceptual Constructionism


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Rather than treating concepts and their application in a static and iconic manner,Concepts in Action provides us with examples of the active and creative use of concepts for constructing and generating new knowledge. Examples of theoretic constructions and topics discussed refers to the function of theory in main stream sociology; concepts enabling us to expand the range of interpretations; a critical view and approach to general concepts of culture, nature and consumption; concepts dealing with organization, institutions and actors; and examples of travelling concepts such as class, gender, race and social recognition. Concepts in Action follows on the earlier Theory in Action (2016) as part of a three volume project broadening our understanding of the interplay of theory and methods. The forthcoming third volume will focus on the strategy of constructing and analyzing the object in social science. This volume is highly relevant for researchers and students interested in theoretical construction in the social sciences.

Contributors are: Göran Ahrne, Mette Andersson, Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen, Anne Britt Flemmen, Antje Gimmler, Willy Guneriussen, Roar Hagen,
Raimund Hasse, Håkon Leiulfsrud, Willy Martinussen, John Scott, Peter Sohlberg, Pål Strandbakken, Richard Swedberg and Erik Olin Wright.

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Håkon Leiulfsrud, Ph.D. (1991), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), is Professor in Sociology at that university. He has published widely with a special interest in social inequality, class and social stratification, labour market and welfare state issues, and teaches sociological theory, social inequality and the welfare state, and research methods.

Peter Sohlberg, Ph.D. (1997), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), is Professor in Philosophy of Social Science at that university. He has published in a wide spectrum, covering philosophy of science, sociology and social psychology, and teaches social theory and philosophy of social science since the early 1990s.
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1 Conceptual Constructionism: An Introduction
Peter Sohlberg and Håkon Leiulfsrud
2 On the Near Disappearance of Concepts in Mainstream Sociology
Richard Swedberg

Part 1: Methodological Programs and Applications

3 What Do We Do with Norms—Conform, Break, Understand or Explain?
Peter Sohlberg
4 Colligation
Richard Swedberg
5 Sensitizing Concepts in Action: Expanding the Framework
Anne Britt Flemmen

Part 2: Culture, Nature and Consumption

6 Culture as a Sociological Concept
Willy Martinussen
7 Bringing Nature Back In
Willy Guneriussen
8 The Study of Consumption in Sociology—Beyond Utility Theory
Pål Strandbakken

Part 3: Social Structure, Organizations and Institutions

9 Social Structure
John Scott
10 The Organization of Action
Göran Ahrne
11 About Actors: An Institutional Perspective
Raimund Hasse
12 The Family and Interwoven Concepts
Håkon Leiulfsrud
13 Collective Action: Why is it so Difficult for the Social Sciences to Grasp the Rational Aspects of Collective Action?
Roar Hagen

Part 4: Class, Gender, Race and Social Recognition

14 The Status of the Political in the Concept of Class Structure
Erik Olin Wright
15 Gender as Analytic, Political and Interdisciplinary Concept
Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen
16 Race: A Contested and Travelling Concept
Mette Andersson
17 Recognition: Conceptualization and Context
Antje Gimmler

All interested in social theory, and anyone concerned with theory application as a methodological problem.
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