Almost Eternal: Painting on Stone and Material Innovation in Early Modern Europe


Almost Eternal: Painting on Stone and Material Innovation in Early Modern Europe gathers together an international group of ten scholars, who offer a novel account of the phenomenon of oil painting on stone surfaces in Northern and Southern Europe. This technique was devised in Rome by Sebastiano del Piombo in the early sixteenth century and was practiced until the late seventeenth century. This phenomenon has attracted little attention previously: the volume therefore makes a significant and timely contribution to the field in the light of recent studies of materiality and the rise of technical Art History.
Contributors: Nadia Baadj, Piers Baker-Bates, Elena Calvillo, Ana Gonsalez Mozo, Anna Kim, Helen Langdon, Johanna Beate Lohff, Judith Mann, Christopher Nygren, Suzanne Wegmann, and Giulia Martina Weston.

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Piers Baker-Bates, Ph.D. Cantab (2005), is a Visiting Research Associate at The Open University. He has published monographs and articles on Sebastiano del Piombo and also contributed to the 2017 National Gallery exhibition.
Elena Calvillo, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins (2003), is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Richmond. She has published several articles on the works of Giulio Clovio and Francisco de Holanda.

Judith Mann
Piers Baker-Bates
Elena Calvillo
List of Illustrations
Notes on Contributors

Piers Baker-Bates and Elena Calvillo

Part 1: Sebastiano del Piombo’s Invention and its Initial Influence

1 Uno Nuovo Modo di Colorire in Pietra: Technical Experimentation in the Art of Sebastiano del Piombo
Piers Baker-Bates
2 Painted Stone: Idea and Practice in Italian Renaissance
Ana González Mozo
3 ‘Un paragone con oro su’: Material Innovation, Invention and Sebastiano del Piombo’s Papal Portraiture
Elena Calvillo

Part 2: Ars et Natura: The Poetics and Collecting of Paintings on Stone

4 The Matter of Similitude: Stone Paintings and the Limits of Representation in Cavaliere d’Arpino’s Perseus and Andromedaand Jacques Stella’s Jacob’s Dream
Christopher J. Nygren
5 Antonio Tempesta’s Paintings on Stone and the Development of a Genre in 17th-Century Italy
Johanna Beate Lohff

Plates 1-15

6 Glances into Stone: Hans von Aachen’s Paintings on Stone
Susanne Wegmann
7 Painting on Stone and Metal: Material Meaning and Innovation in Early Modern Northern European Art
Nadia Baadj

Part 3: Other Materials, Metaphors, and Inventions

8 ‘Painting the Eternal’: Micromosaic Materiality and Transubstantiation in an Icon of Christ at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rom
Anna Marazuela Kim
9 Invention, Ambition and Failure: Niccolò Tornioli (1606-51) and “Il Segreto di Colorire il Marmo”
Giulia Martina Weston
10 Salvator Rosa: A Variety of Surfaces
Helen Langdon

Plates 16-32

Early Modern Art Historians and all those who are interested in studies of materiality and technical Art History , from students to scholars.