Philology Matters!


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This book is about philology and its relevance over time. The compilation foregrounds a multi-faceted field of research that has dealt with the relationship between language, literature and culture for over 2,000 years. The main thread of this volume, comprising ten scholarly essays, is to show that philology as an academic field and a scholarly perspective―understood in its widest sense as the profound understanding of language, literature and culture―does matter in the twenty-first century, that is to say, in our own time characterized by globalization and digitalization. The contributions reflect the many dimensions of philology and its plurality, interdisciplinarity and the humanities. The volume seeks to illustrate various ways of engaging with philology. Here lies the true nature of philology, and this is why it still matters.
Contributors are Massimiliano Bampi, Maja Bäckvall, Jonas Carlquist, Odd Einar Haugen, Helge Jordheim, Karl G. Johansson, Lino Leonardi, Harry Lönnroth, Outi Merisalo, Marita Akhøj Nielsen and Nestori Siponkoski.

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Harry Lönnroth, Ph.D. (2006), is Professor of Scandinavian languages at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His main research interests include philological and language historical research, and translation studies.
'This collection is highly recommended for the richness of its contents and the great relevance of many of its topics." Paolo Trovato, in Speculum 95/3, July 2020.
Acknowledgements List of Figures List of Tables Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Why Philology MattersHarry Lönnroth 1 Philology and the Problem of CultureHelge Jordheim 2 Description and Reconstruction: An Alternative Categorization of Philological ApproachesMaja Bäckvall 3 Intertextuality and the Oral Continuum: The Multidisciplinary Challenge to PhilologyKarl G. Johansson 4 Philological Virtues in a Virtual WorldMarita Akhøj Nielsen 5 Philology as Explanation for Historical ContextsJonas Carlquist 6 Romance Philology between Anachronism and Historical Truth: On Editing Medieval Vernacular TextsLino Leonardi 7 Levels of Granularity: Balancing Literary and Linguistic Interests in the Editing of Medieval TextsOdd Einar Haugen 8 The Philology of TranslationHarry Lönnroth and Nestori Siponkoski 9 Translating and Rewriting in the Middle Ages: A Philological ApproachMassimiliano Bampi 10 Ludwig Traube and PhilologyOuti Merisalo Bibliography Index
All interested in philology as method, practice and perspective and its relevance in time, and anyone concerned with the relationship between language, literature and culture within the humanities.
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