Louis VII and His World


Louis VII and His World examines a lesser-known yet significant Capetian monarch and his role in the twelfth century. Its chapters focus upon the king’s military leadership, political administration, his relationship with the Victorine order of canons and his connection to other important events, people and institutions of the age. Edited by Michael Bardot and Laurence W. Marvin, this work provides a more nuanced image of Louis VII and his critical role in the medieval French monarchy’s ascendancy. The essays contained in this volume illuminate the myriad ways this under-studied ruler shaped the Capetian realm and enhances our understanding of western monarchy, warfare, political administration, social history and the twelfth-century European world.
Contributors are Michael Bardot, Marshall E. Crossnoe, Michael R. Evans, John D. Hosler, Steven Isaac, William Chester Jordan, Amy Livingstone, Laurence W. Marvin and Yves Sassier.

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Michael L. Bardot, Ph.D. (2004), Saint Louis University, is Professor of History at Lincoln University of Missouri, USA. His research centres on the early centuries of the Capetian monarchy, and, particularly, on the administration of Louis VII.
Laurence W. Marvin, Ph.D. (1997), University of Illinois, Urbana, is Professor of History at Berry College, Georgia, USA. His publications centre on medieval warfare and include The Occitan War: A Military and Political History of the Albigensian Crusade, 1209-1218 (Cambridge, 2008).
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Introduction: Monarch and Monde
Michael L. Bardot and Laurence W. Marvin
Part 1 Louis as Leader
1 The War Councils and Military Advisers of Louis VII of France
John D. Hosler
2 King Louis VII as General on the Second Crusade: A Failure of Command, Control and Communication
Laurence W. Marvin
3 Changes in Capetian Grain Management: Strategies of the Twelfth Century
Michael L. Bardot
4 All Citizens High and Low: Louis VII and the Towns
Steven Isaac
5 La Paix du Roi et ses Acteurs au Temps de Louis VII: L’exemple de l’Auvergne et du Velay
Yves Sassier
Part 2 The Twelfth Century Capetian World
6 The Missing Queen? Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Early Reign of Louis VII
Michael R. Evans
7 The Historical Afterlife of Two Capetian Co- Kings Who Predeceased Their Fathers
William Chester Jordan
8 The Regular Canons of Saint- Victor in the World of Louis VII
Marshall E. Crossnoe
9 Revealing the Extraordinary: The Lives of Unremarkable Men in the Age of Louis VII
Amy Livingstone
Anyone interested in twelfth-century France, medieval monarchy, biography, warfare, institutions and social history or biographical details on Louis VII and other members of the Capetian house.