A Companion to Seals in the Middle Ages


Editor: Laura Whatley
A Companion to Seals in the Middle Ages is a cross-disciplinary collection of fourteen essays on medieval sigillography. It is organized thematically, and it emphasizes important, often cutting-edge, methodologies for the study of medieval seals and sealing cultures.
As the chronological, temporal and geographic scope of the essays in the volume suggests, the study of the medieval seal—its manufacture, materiality, usage, iconography, inscription, and preservation—is a rich endeavour that demands collaboration across disciplines as well as between scholars working on material from different regions and periods. It is hoped that this collection will make the study of medieval seals more accessible and will stimulate students and scholars to employ and further develop these material and methodological approaches to seals.
Contributors are Adrian Ailes, Elka Cwiertnia, Paul Dryburgh, Emir O. Filipovi, Oliver Harris, Philippa Hoskin, Ashley Jones, Andreas Lehnertz, John McEwan, Elizabeth A. New, Jonathan Shea, Caroline Simonet, Angelina A. Volkoff, and Marek L. Wójcik.

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Laura J. Whatley, Ph.D. (2010), University of Illinois, is Assistant Professor of Art History at Auburn University Montgomery. She has published articles on crusader and military seals and crusading visual culture in medieval England. She also co-edited the volume The Crusades and Visual Culture (Routledge, 2015).
''Un ouvrage transversal, véritable outil de développement de la recherche en sigillographie [...] Clairement présenté et abondamment illustré de nombreuses planches en couleur, cet ouvrage d’une grande richesse intellectuelle est aussi très agréable à consulter. Ainsi, comme son titre l’affirme, il se veut le fidèle compagnon de qui s’intéresse aux sceaux et à la sigillographie, ambitionnant de devenir un indispensable livre de chevet. Il est à espérer qu’il rendra plus accessible encore l’étude des sceaux et suscitera, parmi les professionnels comme les étudiants, de nouvelles et nombreuses recherches dans ce domaine''. Marie-Adélaïde Nielen, in Francia Recensio , 3, 2019.
Acknowledgements List of Illustrations Contributors Introduction: Approaches to Medieval Seals and Sealing Practices Laura J. Whatley PART 1 Materiality and Seals 1 Analysis of the Materiality of Royal and Governmental Seals of England with a Focus on the Great Seals (1100–1300): Methodology and Findings Elke Cwiertnia, Adrian Ailes and Paul Dryburgh 2 Material Analysis of the Seals Attached to the Barons’ Letter to the Pope Paul Dryburgh, Elke Cwiertnia and Adrian Ailes 3 Does Size Matter? Social Standing and Seal Dimensions in Medieval Britain John McEwan PART 2 Historiography and Seals 4 Fragments of the Past: The Early Antiquarian Perception and Study of Seals in England Oliver D. Harris 5 Medieval Armorial Seals in The National Archives (UK) Adrian Ailes PART 3 Seals in Bureaucracy and Diplomatic 6 The Seals of the Judges of the Hippodrome: Drawing Data from Seals Without Context Jonathan Shea 7 Administration and Identity: Episcopal Seals in England from the Eleventh to the Thirteenth Century Philippa Hoskin PART 4 Power and Aspiration on Medieval Seals 8 Power, Family, and Identity: Social and Individual Elements in Byzantine Sigillography Angelina Anne Volkoff 9 Two Seals of Muskinus the Jew (Moshe b. Yeḥiel, d. 1336), The Archbishop of Trier’s Negociator Andreas Lehnertz 10 ‘Creatio Regni’ in the Great Seal of Bosnian King Tvrtko Kotromanić Emir O. Filipović PART 5 Elusive Seal Owners and Users 11 Reconsidering the Silent Majority: Non- Heraldic Personal Seals in Medieval Britain Elizabeth New 12 The Seals of Knights’ Wives in Medieval Silesia Marek L. Wójcik PART 6 Visual Culture and Seals 13 Coins as Seals in Lombard Italy Ashley Jones 14 The Use of Ancient Gems and Coins: A Noticeable Presence of Antiquity in Medieval Sigillography Caroline Simonet Select Bibliography
Students (undergraduate and post-graduate), scholars, and enthusiasts of medieval sigillography.