4QSamuelᵃ and the Text of Samuel


Author: Jason Driesbach
In 4QSamuelᵃ and the Text of Samuel, Jason Driesbach offers a thorough analysis of secondary readings in 4QSamuelᵃ (4Q51) along with those in other major witnesses to Samuel (MT, Gᴮ, Gᴸ), leading to a nuanced characterization of the scribal features and textual affiliation of 4QSamuelᵃ, with implications for understanding its place in text-critical studies and literary analyses of the books of Samuel.

4QSamuelᵃ has been regarded by some scholars as an untrustworthy witness to the text of Samuel and by other scholars as a crucial witness, sometimes containing lost readings. Further, some regard this scroll as a non-biblical work based on Samuel. Driesbach’s analysis offers an evaluation of these views based on a sound and thorough consideration of the scroll.

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Jason K. Driesbach, Ph.D. (2015), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a contributor to the Historical Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint, vol. 1 (Mohr Siebeck, forthcoming), and authored Ruth in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series (Tyndale, 2012).
"Driesbach is to be credited with having provided a highly useful book that must be consulted in any future studies of Samuel, due to its comprehensive and ordered study of the principal witnesses of Samuel and his exemplary attempt at a fair and neutral judgment of the readings." Eugene Ulrich, University of Notre Dame
All interested in 1-2 Samuel, 4QSamuelª (4Q51), textual criticism, literary criticism, and Septuagint studies.