Paul and Gnosis


This collection of essays—the ninth volume in Brill’s Pauline Studies series—features Paul and his relationship to knowledge. Gnosis, the Greek word generally translated as "knowledge," is broadly interpreted, and the essays contained in this volume revolve around both a more general notion of knowledge in relation to Paul and more specific references to Gnosticism. Several of these essays discuss Paul’s use of "knowledge" words, Paul’s knowledge and understanding of key themes and ideas in his writings, Paul’s interpreters in light of gnostics like Valentinus and Marcion, and Gnosticism in light of Paul’s letters. This collection of essays exposes the reader to crucial topics regarding Paul and Gnosis that are not readily addressed elsewhere.

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Stanley E. Porter, PhD (1988), University of Sheffield, is President, Dean, and Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, ON, Canada. He has authored nearly thirty books and written hundreds of articles and chapters in New Testament studies.

David I. Yoon, PhD (cand.), McMaster Divinity College, is Lecturer in Greek at McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, ON, Canada. He has published a number of academic articles and essays in New Testament studies.
'This collection o f essays contains many illuminating and stimulating discussions (...) the editors have intentionally adopted a wide-ranging approach in order to capture the various nuances of the topic of Paul and Gnosis.'

Paul Foster, University of Edinburgh, The Expository Times 129, 7, 2018.

Introduction to Paul and Gnosis

Stanley E. Porter and David I. Yoon

Part 1: Paul and Knowledge

What Do We Mean by Speaking of Paul and Gnosis/Knowledge? A Semantic and Frequency Investigation

Stanley E. Porter

Paul’s Thorn and His Gnosis: Epistemic Considerations

David I. Yoon

Paul’s Concept of the Resurrection Body in 1 Corinthians 15:35–58

Andrew W. Pitts

Detecting Allusions in the Pauline Corpus: A Method

Adam Z. Wright

Paul, the Expected Eschatological Phinehas-Elijah Prophet Law-Giver

Chris S. Stevens

Part 2: Paul and Gnosticism

“The Apostle of the Heretics”: Paul, Valentinus, and Marcion

James D. G. Dunn

Is There a Heresy in the Pastorals? A Sociolinguistic Analysis of 1 and 2 Timothy via the Ethnography of Communication Theory

Hughson T. Ong

Paul at Nag Hammadi

Michael Kaler

The Concept of Fullness in Paul and the Pauline Tradition: A Cosmological Approach to Paul and Gnosis

Tilde Bak Halvgaard

The Strong/Gnosis, Paul, and the Corinthian Community

Panayotis Coutsoumpos

Index of Ancient Sources

Index of Modern Authors
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