The Global and the Local: An Environmental Ethics Casebook

In The Global and the Local: An Environmental Ethics Casebook, Dale Murray presents fifty-one actual, unique, and compelling case studies. The book covers a wide variety of environmental topics from those as global as overfishing, climate change, ocean acidification, and e-waste, to those topics as local as whether we should place salt on the driveway during winter, construct rain gardens, or believe we have a duty to hunt.

The book also features an easy to read, yet rigorous introductory section exposing readers to ethical theories and approaches to environmental ethics. By interweaving these theoretical considerations into long and short case studies, Murray illuminates a comprehensive range of the most pressing environmental issues facing our biosphere both today and in the future.

This book is also available in hardcover.
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Biographical Note

Dale Murray, Ph.D.(2003). University of Wisconsin-Madison, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County and the University of Wisconsin-Richland. He has published a book entitled Nozick, Autonomy, and Compensation (Continuum, 2007) as well as many articles on ethics.

Table of contents

Part 1 – Theory and Applied Theory
Chapter 1 – General Moral Theories
Kantian Deontology
Virtue Ethics
Chapter 2 – Applications and Approaches to Environmental Ethics
Applied Ethics
Anthropocentric Environmental Ethics
Biocentrism vs. Ecocentrism
Deep Ecology
Social Ecology
Leopold’s Land Ethic
Extensions of Utilitarianism
Extensions of Deontology
Extensions of Virtue Ethics
Part 2 – The Cases
Chapter 3 – What is Natural? Does it Matter?
Chapter 4 – Business Vs. Environmental Protection
Chapter 5 – The Environment, Global Challenges, and Global Economies
Chapter 6 – The Greening of Institutions
Chapter 7 – Recreation and Environmental Ethics
Chapter 8 – Environmental Reform and Unintended Consequences
Chapter 9 – Relations between Human and Non-Human Animals
Chapter 10 – Think Globally, Act Locally
Chapter 11 – Are These Really Environmental Problems?


All interested in environmental ethics, including the application of ethical theory and approaches to environmental ethics to a wide range of global and local environmental issues both large and small. This book would serve as a perfect text for an introductory class on this topic.


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