Historical Title, Self-Determination and the Kashmir Question

Changing Perspectives in International Law


In Historical Title, Self-Determination and the Kashmir Question Fozia Nazir Lone offers a critical re-examination of the Kashmir question. Through an interdisciplinary approach and international law perspective, she analyses political practices and the substantive international law on the restoration of historical title and self-determination. The book analytically examines whether Kashmir was a State at any point in history; the effect of the 1947 occupation by India/Pakistan; the international law implications of the constitutional incorporation of this territory and the ongoing human rights violations; whether Kashmiris are entitled to restore their historical title through the exercise of self-determination; and whether the Kashmir question could be resolved with the formation of international strategic alliance to curb danger of spreading terrorism in Kashmir.
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Biographical Note

Fozia Nazir Lone, Ph.D. (2009), University of Aberdeen (U.K), is an Assistant Professor at the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong. She has published books, monograph and journal articles in various areas of law, including international law.


Everyone interested in the Kashmir question as legal academics, researchers, policy-makers, political analysts, historians, archivists, practitioners, and postgraduate and undergraduate students.