Parables on a Roman Comic Stage: Samarites — Comoedia de Samaritano Evangelico (1539) by Petrus Papeus

Together with the Commentary of Alexius Vanegas of Toledo (1542)


The Samarites by Petrus Papeus offers an effective blending of gospel narrative and ancient Roman comedy, combining manner of Plautus and Terence with the didacticism of medieval allegory and morality plays and the poetic diction of Renaissance humanism. In the Samarites they are the ingredients that present both moral and doctrinal teachings related to the gospel parables of the Prodigal Son and Good Samaritan. Papeus’ work is an excellent example not only of the early modern school play, but also of the shifting conceptions of drama in Europe at that time. Daniel Nodes presents a critical edition and translation of the play together with a humanist commentary produced in Toledo by Alexius Vanegas three years after the play’s first printing in Antwerp.

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Biographical Note
Daniel Nodes, Ph.D. (1982) University of Toronto, is Professor of Classics in Baylor University. He has published works on biblical epic, Sentences-commentaries, homiletics and drama from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern period.
Review Quotes
“Nodes has produced a fine text that materially adds to our knowledge of Neo-Latin drama and a relatively unknown Neo-Latin dramatist, and through the inclusion of Vanegas' commentary, gives us insight into traditional methods of commenting and interpreting.”
Mark Riley, California State University, Sacramento. In: Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2017.12.32.
Table of contents
Introduction: Plautine Piety and Monastic Wit in the Samarites comedia of Petrus Papeus (1539)
Petrus Papeus

The Argumentum or Plot of Samarites comoedia
The Samaritan Story and its Exegetical Tradition
The Patristic basis
The Medieval Legacy
Literary Hybrids
The Fusion of Parables
Medieval Compendiums
Applying Elements from the Roman Comedies to the Bible under the New Humanism
Assessment of the Resulting Compositions
Predecessors of Papeus
Contemporaries of Papeus and the Exegetical Tradition
Papeus’s Samarites Comoedia: The Characters
Papeus’s Special Handling of the Subject Matter
The Commentary by Alejo Vanegas
The Early Printings
Modern Edition

Petri Papei Samarites comoedia de Samaritano Euangelico
Epistola nuncupatoria
Dramatis Personae
Actus primi scaena prima
Actus primi scaena secunda
Actus primi scaena tertia
Actus primi scaena quarta
Actus secundi scaena prima
Actus secundi scaena secunda
Actus secundi scaena tertia
Actus secundi scaena quarta
Actus tertii scaena prima
Actus tertii scaena secunda
Actus tertii scaena tertia
Actus tertii scaena quarta
Actus tertii scaena quinta
Actus quarti scaena prima
Actus quarti scaena secunda
Actus quarti scaena tertia
Actus quarti scaena quarta
Actus quinti scaena prima
Actus quinti scaena secunda
Actus quinti scaena tertia
Actus quinti scaena quarta
Actus quinti scaena quinta
Actus quinti scaena sexta
Actus quinti scaena septima

Appendix: Alexii Vanegas Commentarius
Cardinalis Ioannis Tauera ut Excuderetur Indulsit
Petri Papei Samarites comoedia de Samaritano Euangelico
Fernandus Lunar a Secretis Capituli Sanctae Ecclesiae Toletanae Lectori Salutem
Alexius Vanegas Toletanus studiosissimo uiro Fernando de Lunar a secretis Capituli
Sanctae ecclesiae Toletanae salutat

Alexii Vanegas Toletani in Samaritem Comoediam nuper editam, scholia tumultuaria
humanissimo simul et studiosissimo uiro musarum Herculi suoque
Mecoenati Fernando Lunar a secretis capituli Toletani nuncupata
foeliciter comoediae fores aperiunt
Dramatis personarum interpretatio
Metrorum dramatis ratio
Actus Primi Scaena Prima
Actus Primi Scaena Secunda
Actus Primus Scaena Tertia
Actus Primi Scena Quarta
Actus Secundi Scaena Prima
Actus Secundi Scaena Secunda
Actus Secundi Scaena Tertia
Actus Secundi Scaena Quarta
Actus Tertii Scaena Prima
Actus Tertii Scaena Secunda
Actus Tertii Scaena Tertia
Actus Tertii Scaena Quarta
Actus Tertii Scaena Quinta
Actus Quarti Scaena Prima
Actus Quarti Scaena Secunda
Actus Quarti Scaena tertia
Actus Quarti Scaena Quarta
Actus Quinti Scena Prima
Actus Quinti Scaena Secunda
Actus Quinti Scaena Tertia
Actus Quinti Scaena Quarta
Actus Quinti Scaena Quinta
Actus Quinti Scaena Sexta
Actus Quinti Scaena Septima

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Scholars and students of Latin and Neo-Latin studies, 16th century Flemish and Spanish literature, the history of biblical exegesis, and theater history
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