Radical Planes? 9/11 and Patterns of Continuity


Volume Editors: Dunja M. Mohr and Birgit Däwes
Radical Planes? 9/11 and Patterns of Continuity, edited by Dunja M. Mohr and Birgit Däwes, explores the intersections between narrative disruption and continuity in post-9/11 narratives from an interdisciplinary transnational perspective, foregrounding the transatlantic cultural memory of 9/11. Contesting the earlier notion of a cataclysm that has changed ‘everything,’ and critically reflecting on American exceptionalism, the collection offers an inquiry into what has gone unchanged in terms of pre-9/11, post-9/11, and post-post-9/11 issues and what silences persist. How do literature and performative and visual arts negotiate this precarious balance of a pervasive discourse of change and emerging patterns of political, ideological, and cultural continuity?

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Dunja M. Mohr, Dr. (PhD: University of Trier), is Assistant Professor of English Literature at Erfurt University, Germany. She has co-edited 9/11 as Catalyst: American and British Cultural Responses, a special issue of ZAA (2010), and published the award winning Worlds Apart: Dualism and Transgression in Contemporary Female Dystopias (McFarland, 2005).

Birgit Däwes, Dr. (PhD: University of Würzburg), is Professor of American Studies at Europa-University Flensburg, Germany. She published the internationally acclaimed Ground Zero Fiction: History, Memory, and Representation in the American 9/11 Novel (Winter, 2011) and guest-edited Narratives of Fundamentalism, a special issue of LWU (2014).
All interested in 9/11; English and American Studies; trauma studies; historical fiction; narrative theory; Film Studies; Cultural Studies; History; Politics; contemporary literature; art history; visual culture; critical theory.