Conversion and Church

The Challenge of Ecclesial Renewal


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Conversion is an important characteristic of religious renewal, and of the dialogue between churches and religious believers. In the Roman Catholic Church, conversion has played a significant role in ecumenical dialogue recently. It has become a challenge for the Church as a whole, instead of a call to individual believers alone. The contributors of this volume explore the different aspects of conversion in the history of theology, in the developments during and after the Second Vatican Council, in the Ignatian tradition, and in several ecclesial groups that have explored the opportunities of the ongoing renewal of the churches.

Contributors are: André Birmelé, Inigo Bocken, Erik Borgman, Catherine Clifford, Peter De Mey, Adelbert Denaux, Eugene Duffy, Stephan van Erp, Joep van Gennip, Thomas Green, Wiel Logister, Annemarie Mayer, Jos Moons, Marcel Sarot, Karim Schelkens, Nico Schreurs, Matthias Smalbrugge, and Arnold Smeets.

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Stephan van Erp, Ph.D. (1966), is Professor of Fundamental Theology at KU Leuven. He has published monographs and articles on theological aesthetics, the work of Edward Schillebeeckx and political theology.

Karim Schelkens, Ph.D. (1977), is Associate Professor at Tilburg University and Guest Professor at KU Leuven. He has published monographs and articles on the Second Vatican Council, and is the biographer of Card. Danneels.
“Un volume stimulant sur des questions essentielles de l’ecclésiologie contemporaine.” Gonzague de Longcamp, in: NRT, Volume 142.3 (2020).

"In elk geval dwingt onze tijd van globalisering christenen tot een herbezinning op hun zending. De studies in deze bundel bieden bouwstenen voor
een hoogstnodige verdere theologische formulering en praktische beleving (...)." Hendrik Hout, in: Collationes, Vol. 47.4 (2017).

List of Authors

“We Must Always Be Converted”: The Church and the Challenge of Renewal
Stephan van Erp and Karim Schelkens

Part 1 Systematic Theological Perspectives

The ‘Conversion’ of the Disciples: Schillebeeckx’s View of the Resurrection of Christ
Nico Schreurs
The Presence of the Absent: Augustine and Deification
Matthias Smalbrugge
“It’s Better, Then, I Arm Myself with Foresight”: Dante on the Relationship between Conversion and Belief in Providence
Wiel Logister
Post-Mortem Conversion?
Marcel Sarot
Seeing Christ on the Battlefield: Sign-Making, Sacrament and Conversion
Stephan van Erp

Part 2 Ignatian Voices

A Theatre of Desire: The Philosophical Meaning of the Ignatian Exercises
Inigo Bocken
Temptation as Conversion: The Architecture of the Sant’andrea al Quirinale and the Ductus of Conversion
Arnold Smeets
“I Have Wounded My Soul with the Instrument of Salvation”: The Threefold Spiritual Development of Gerard Manley Hopkins S.J.
Joep van Gennip
Pope Francis’s Call for the Conversion of the Church in Our Time 147
Catherine E. Clifford
A New Spring for the Church: The Ecclesiological Vision of Pope Francis Emerging in Evangelii Gaudium 178
Eugene Duffy

Part 3 Vatican II and Conversion

“To Offer a Reasoned Account of the Truth of God”: Vatican II as a Lasting Call to Theological Conversion
Erik Borgman
Ecclesial Conversion: Some Canonical Reflections
Thomas J. Green
A Pneumatological Conversion? The Holy Spirit’s Activities According to Lumen Gentium
Jos Moons

Part 4 Ecumenical Perspectives

De Oecumenismo Catholico et de Opere Conversionum: The Relationship between Ecumenism and the Apostolate of Conversions before and during Vatican II
Peter De Mey
Conversion: Key Concept or Hot Potato in Contemporary Ecumenism?
Annemarie C. Mayer
Ecclesial Repentance and Conversion: Receptive Ecumenism and the Mandate and Method of Arcic III
Adelbert Denaux
The Essential Conversion of the Churches
André Birmelé

All interested in modern Catholic theology, theology and culture, Ignatian spirituality, the theology of the Second Vatican Council, ecclesiology and ecumenism.
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