Islam, the Ancient Near East and Varieties of Godlessness

Collected Studies in Three Volumes, Volume 3


Patricia Crone's Collected Studies in Three Volumes brings together a number of her published, unpublished, and revised writings on Near Eastern and Islamic history, arranged around three distinct but interconnected themes. Volume 3, Islam, the Ancient Near East and Varieties of Godlessness, places the rise of Islam in the context of the ancient Near East and investigates sceptical and subversive ideas in the Islamic world. Volume 1, The Qurʾānic Pagans and Related Matters, pursues the reconstruction of the religious environment in which Islam arose and develops an intertextual approach to studying the Qurʾānic religious milieu. Volume 2, The Iranian Reception of Islam: The Non-Traditionalist Strands, examines the reception of pre-Islamic legacies in Islam, above all that of the Iranians.

The Qurʾānic Pagans and Related Matters
The Iranian Reception of Islam: The Non-Traditionalist Strands

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Patricia Crone (1945-2015), Ph.D. (1974), School of Oriental and African Studies, was Professor Emerita at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. Her numerous publications include Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam (1987); Pre-Industrial Societies (1989); Medieval Islamic Political Thought (2004); and The Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran (2012).

Hanna Siurua (BA, School of Oriental and African Studies; MA, University of Sussex) is a professional editor based in Chicago. She specialises in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies and has edited numerous books and articles in these as well as other fields.
Editor’s preface
Author’s preface
1. ‘Barefoot and naked’: What did the bedouin of the Arab conquests look like?
2. The ancient Near East and Islam: The case of lot-casting
3. Idrīs, Atraḫasīs and al-Khiḍr
4. Abū Saʿīd al-Ḥaḍrī and the punishment of unbelievers
5. The Dahrīs according to al-Jāḥiẓ
6. Ungodly cosmologies
7. Post-colonialism in tenth-century Islam
8. What are prophets for? The social utility of religion in medieval Islamic thought
9. Oral transmission of subversive ideas from the Islamic world to Europe: The case of the three impostors
10. How the field has changed in my lifetime
11. List of publications
Index to volume 3
All interested in the history of Islam and the ancient and Islamic Near East, including specialists, post-graduate students, undergraduate students, educated laypeople, academic libraries, institutes, and public libraries.
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