Considering Class: Theory, Culture and the Media in the 21st Century


Considering Class: Theory, Culture and Media in the 21st Century offers the reader international and interdisciplinary perspectives on the importance of class analysis in the 21st century. Political economists, sociologists, educationalists, ethnographers, cultural and media analysts combine to provide a multi-dimensional account of current class dynamics. The crisis consists precisely in the gap between the objective reality and efficacy of class forces shaping international politics and the relative paucity of class-consciousness at a popular level and appreciation of class as an explanatory optic at a theoretical level. This important book shows why the process of reconstructing class consciousness must also take place on the ground of cultural and subjective formation where everyday values, habits and media practices are in play.

Contributors are: Anita Biressi, Joseph Choonara, Maurizio Donato, Danny Dorling, Mark Gibson, Craig Haslop, Dave Hill, Peter Jakobsson, Marina Kabat, Holly Lewis, Catherine Lumby, Lisa Mckenzie, Tony Moore, Adrian Murray, Deirdre O’Neill, Jonathan Pratschke, Michael Seltzer, Eduardo Sartelli, Fredrik Stiernstedt, Roberto Taddeo, Mike Wayne, Milly Williamson, Ferruh Yılmaz.

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Deirdre O’Neill is a working class lecturer and filmmaker. Her forthcoming book Film as a Radical Pedagogic Tool explores the way in which film can be used as a means of working class people representing their own lives.

Mike Wayne has written widely on the politics and ideology of film, television and the media as well as Marxist cultural theory. His most recently published book is Red Kant: Aesthetics, Marxism and the Third Critique (Bloomsbury, 2014).
" Considering Class is a highly beneficial source of intellect for both learners and researchers of Marxist class theory, especially those whose interests lie with contemporary analyses of culture and media... [It] presents its readers with new viewpoints on class by re-evaluating class theory from a contemporary standpoint and studying its place in culture and media. The book is worthy of commendation in that it successfully reintroduces critical perspectives on class theory to culture and media studies. It therefore proves a valuable collection of scholarly texts for researchers of relevant themes." – Ufuk Gürbüzdal, in: Marx & Philosophy Review of Books (23 January 2020)
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Notes on Contributors i

1 Introduction
Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne

Part 1: Class Theory

2 Class and the Classical Marxist Tradition
Joseph Choonara

3 Social Class and Education
Dave Hill

4 Marxist Class Theory: Competition, Contingency and Intermediate Class Positions
Jonathan Pratschke

5 Class Segregation
Danny Dorling

6 The ‘Secret’ of the Restoration: Increased Class Exploitation
Maurizio Donato and Roberto Taddeo

Part 2: Class and Culture

7 Exploitation, Oppression, and Epistemology
Holly Lewis

8 Peasants, Migrants and Self-Employed Workers: The Masks that Veil Class Affiliation in Latin America: The Argentine Case
Marina Kabat and Eduardo Sartelli

9 Capitalism, Class and Collective Identity: Social Movements and Public Services in South Africa
Adrian Murray

10 On Intellectuals
Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne

11 The British Working Class Post-blair Consensus: We Do Not Exist
Lisa Mckenzie

12 From Class Solidarity to Cultural Solidarity: Immigration, Crises, and the Populist Right
Ferruh Yilmaz

13 Recovering the Australian Working Class
Tony Moore, Mark Gibson and Catharine Lumby

Part 3: Class and the Media

14 ‘Everything Changes. Everything Stays the Same’: Documenting Continuity and Change in Working Class Lives
Anita Biressi

15 Ghettos and Gated Communities in the Social Landscape of Television: Representations of Class in 1982 and 2015
Fredrik Stiernstedt and Peter Jakobsson

16 Class, Culture and Exploitation: The Case of Reality tv
Milly Williamson

17 Class Warfare, the Neoliberal Man and the Political Economy of Methamphetamine in Breaking Bad
Michael Seltzer

18 ‘The Thing Is I’m Actually from Bromley’: Queer/Class Intersectionality in Pride (2014)
Craig Haslop

Anyone interested in class issues across disciplines, e.g. sociology of class, political theory/science, political economy, education studies, cultural and media studies. Informed general readership interested in contemporary politics and neoliberalism.