Valuing Landscape in Classical Antiquity

Natural Environment and Cultural Imagination

‘Where am I?’. Our physical orientation in place is one of the defining characteristics of our embodied existence. However, while there is no human life, culture, or action without a specific location functioning as its setting, people go much further than this bare fact in attributing meaning and value to their physical environment. 'Landscape’ denotes this symbolic conception and use of terrain. It is a creation of human culture.
In Valuing Landscape we explore different ways in which physical environments impacted on the cultural imagination of Greco-Roman Antiquity. In seventeen chapters with different disciplinary perspectives, we demonstrate the values attached to mountains, the underworld, sacred landscapes, and battlefields, and the evaluations of locale connected with migration, exile, and travel.

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Jeremy McInerney, Ph.D. (1992, University of California, Berkeley), is Davidson Kennedy Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He is author of The Cattle of the Sun. Cows and Culture in the World of the Ancient Greeks (Princeton 2010) and recently edited A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean (Wiley-Blackwell 2014).

Ineke Sluiter, Ph.D. (1990, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), is Professor of Greek at Leiden University. Apart from the Penn-Leiden volumes, her most recent book is, with Rita Copeland, Medieval Grammar and Rhetoric. Language Arts and Literary Theory, AD 300-1475 (Oxford 2009).

Contributors are: Annemarie Ambühl, Julie Baleriaux, Richard Buxton, Lissa Crofton-Sleigh, Maša Ćulumović, Greta Hawes, Rianne Hermans, Danielle L. Kellogg, Jason König, Margaret M. Miles, Elizabeth Minchin, Christoph Pieper, Bettina Reitz-Joosse, Betsey A. Robinson,
Christina G. Williamson, and Kathrin Winter.
"Because it collects a variety of focused studies, McInerney’s and Sluiter’s volume is able to incorporate the diversity of both landscape studies and the Classical world itself. (...) The volume includes numerous maps, photographs, and even visualizations of numerical data, all enormously helpful in supporting the arguments of the authors who employ them. Bibliographical information appends each individual contribution. An excellent editorial contribution is the variety of indices: an index of Greek terms, of Latin terms, a general index, and an index locorum. While some contributions to this volume shine more brightly than others, each essay is informative to its own topic and representative of the relevant scholarship. The volume itself is a worthy addition to the growing body of literature dedicated to landscape studies and environmental humanities within Classics." Laura Zientek, Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2017.08.30.

List of Illustrations
List of Contributors

1 General Introduction
Jeremy McInerney and Ineke Sluiter

Part 1 - Mountains
2 Mount Etna in the Greco-Roman imaginaire: Culture and Liquid Fire
Richard Buxton
3 Strabo’s Mountains
Jason König
4 Mountain, Myth, and Territory: Teuthrania as Focal Point in the Landscape of Pergamon
Christina G. Williamson

Part 2 - Underground and Underworld
5 Diving Underground: Giving Meaning to Subterranean Rivers
Julie Baleriaux
6 Experience and Stimmung: Landscapes of the Underworld in Seneca’s Plays
Kathrin Winter

Part 3 - The Sacred
7 Birds around the Temple: Constructing a Sacred Environment
Margaret M. Miles
8 Juno Sospita and the draco: Myth, Image, and Ritual in the Landscape of the Alban Hills
Rianne Hermans
9 Charismatic Landscapes? Scenes from Central Greece under Roman Rule
Betsey A. Robinson

Part 4 - Battlefields and Memory of War
10 Heritage in the Landscape: The ‘Heroic Tumuli’ in the Troad Region
Elizabeth Minchin
11 Land at Peace and Sea at War: Landscape and the Memory of Actium in Greek Epigrams and Propertius’ Elegies
Bettina Reitz-Joosse
12 Thessaly as an Intertextual Landscape of Civil War in Latin Poetry
Annemarie Ambühl

Part 5 - Moving Around
13 Migration and Landscapes of Value in Attica
Danielle L. Kellogg
14 Songs of Homecoming: Sites of Victories and Celebrations in Pindar’s Victory Odes
Maša Ćulumović
15 The Mythical Landscapers of Augustan Rome
Lissa Crofton-Sleigh
16 Polyvalent Tomi: Ovid’s Landscape of Relegation and the Romanization of the Black Sea Region
Christoph Pieper
17 Stones, Names, Stories, and Bodies: Pausanias before the Walls of Seven-Gated Thebes
Greta Hawes

Index of Greek Terms
Index of Latin Terms
Index Locorum
General Index
All those interested in social and cultural history, human values, landscape, as well as all those interested in Greco-Roman Antiquity. Readers in the spatial turn in cultural studies.