The Atheist Bus Campaign

Global Manifestations and Responses


The international "Atheist Bus Campaign" generated news coverage and controversy, and this volume is the first to systematically and thoroughly explore and analyze each manifestation of that campaign. It includes a chapter for each of the countries which enacted – or attempted to enact – localized versions of the original United Kingdom campaign which ran the slogan, "There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life," prominently on public buses. Its novel focus, using a singular micro-level event as a prism for analysis, allows for cross-country comparison of legal and social reactions to each campaign, as well as an understanding of issues pertaining to the historical and contemporary status of religion and the regulation of nonreligion in various national settings.

Contributors are Katie Aston, Nikolina Hazdovac Bajić, Lori G. Beaman, Spencer Culham Bullivant, Ryan T. Cragun, Leon Dempsey, Eduardo Dullo, Vanni Gasbarri, Magnus Hedelind, Casey P. Homan, William James Hoverd, Dinka Marinovic Jerolimov, Teuvo Laitila, Hanna Lehtinen, Marcus Mann, Javier Martinez-Torron, Björn Mastiaux, Paula Montero, Alan Nixon, Katja Strehle, Teemu Taira, Steven Tomlins, and Silvia Meseguer Velasco.

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Steven Tomlins, Ph. D (2016), University of Ottawa. His work focuses on ‘lived atheism’ and nonreligious expression/experience in Canada. He is co-editor (with Lori G. Beaman) of Atheist Identities: Spaces and Social Contexts (2015).
Spencer Culham Bullivant Ph. D (2015), University of Ottawa. His research focuses on the development and expression of a non-religious identity in American youths at a non-religious summer camp.
All interested in nonreligion, secularism, and atheism, as well as those interested in the regulation, roles, and statuses of religion and atheism in different national and global settings.
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