Peacekeeping and the Asia-Pacific

Peacekeeping and the Asia-Pacific explores the politics, challenges, and future of UN peacekeeping operations from the Asia-Pacific. The first section looks at contributions from the sub-regions: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. The second section of the book looks at individual country case studies including: Australia, Solomon Islands, Japan, and Thailand. The third, and concluding, section consists of a theoretical summary on the central conceptual theme of Asian motivations for PKO contributions.
This content was originally published in vols. 18:3-4 and 19:3-4 of the Journal of International Peacekeeping.

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Brendan Howe (PhD Trinity College, Dublin) is Professor and Associate Dean at Ewha Womans University, Graduate School of International Studies, South Korea. He has published extensively on international governance issues, including The Protection and Promotion of Human Security in East Asia (2013).

Boris Kondoch is currently Professor at the Far East University, South Korea and Editor of the Journal of International Peacekeeping published by Brill | Martinus Nijhoff. His publications concentrate on conflict and security law, peacekeeping and North East Asia from the perspective of international law.
1 Introduction: The Politics, Challenges, and Future of UN Peacekeeping Contributions from the Asia-Pacific
Boris Kondoch and Brendan Howe

2 Northeast Asian Perspectives on UN Peacekeeping: China, Japan, Korea
Brendan Howe and Boris Kondoch

3 Southeast Asian Perspectives on UN Peacekeeping: Indonesia and Malaysia
Alistair D. B. Cook

4 South Asian Regionalism and UN Peacekeeping Missions: A Case of ‘and Never the Twain Shall Meet’?
Rashed Uz Zaman and Niloy Ranjan Biswas

5 Australia and Peacekeeping
Peter Londey

6 RAMSI Ten Years On: from Post-Conflict Stabilisation to Development in Solomon Islands?
Sinclair Dinnen

7 All-Japan Approach to International Peace Operations
Yuji Uesugi

8 Thailand’s Participation in UN Peacekeeping Missions: the Reciprocal Transference of Expertise and Norms
Keokam Kraisoraphong and Brendan Howe

9 Why Contribute? Understanding Motivations for Troop Contribution to Peace Operations
Xenia Azenov

All those interested in international peace operations and the United Nations, as well as Asian Studies.
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