Personal Religion and Magic in Mamasa, West Sulawesi

The Search for Powers of Blessing from the Other World of the Gods


In Personal Religion and Magic in Mamasa, West Sulawesi, Kees Buijs describes the traditional culture of the Toraja’s, which is rapidly vanishing. The focus is on personal religion as it has its centre in the kitchen of each house. In the kitchen and also by the use of magical words and stones the gods are sought for their powers of blessing.

This book adds important information to Buijs’ earlier Powers of Blessing from the Wilderness and from Heaven (Brill, 2006).

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Kees Buijs, Ph.D. Anthropology (2004), Leiden University, has served in the Netherlands as reverend and in Indonesia and in South Africa as trainer. During fifteen years he alternated between Mamasa, Sulawesi, and the area of KwaNdebele, South Africa, for educational tasks.

Chapter I Religion and magic
Chapter II Headlines of the religion of the Toraja’s in West Sulawesi
Chapter III Pairan, individual religious responsibility
Chapter IV Stones and incantations, vestiges from the other world of the gods
Chapter V Pairan and magic, personal religion in daily life

All interested in the vanishing culture and personal religion of the Toraja’s and the changes occurring in the transition to modern times; students, anthropologists and educated laymen in the Mamasa area, West Sulawesi.
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