The Chinese Christology of T. C. Chao


Author: Yongtao Chen
This volume offers a careful analysis of the contextual Christology of T. C. Chao, one of the most important Chinese theologians and Chinese church leaders in the first half of twentieth century. At the core of Chao’s Christology is the encounter between Christianity and the Chinese people, in particular the Chinese Christians. In response to the rapid social changes in China between 1910-1950, he attempted to develop a relevant theology by focusing on the characteristics of Christianity and, at the same time, aiming to understand Christianity within its Chinese context.

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Yongtao Chen, Th.D.(2014, Helsinki University), is Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Chinese Christianity at Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, China. He has published translations and many articles on Chinese theology, Chinese Christianity, Christianity and Chinese culture.
"Chen is one of the most promising young Chinese scholars who teaches at Yanjing Theological Seminary in Nanjing and his work on T.C. Chao is to be highly recommended. (...) Chen’s work is to be commended for bringing together a vast amount of materials by and about Chao’s theology and producing such a coherent analysis." - Peter Tze Ming Ng, Shanghai, in: Exchange Volume 48.3 (2019), pp. 303-304

Preface by Philip L. Wickeri

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. T. C. Chao’s Life, Time and His Struggle for a Chinese Christology
Chapter 3. “Man-God Jesus”: The Person of Jesus Christ in Chao’s Early Period (1917-1936)
Chapter 4. “Jesus is Christ”: The Work of Jesus Christ in Chao’s Early Period (1917-1936)
Chapter 5. “God-Man Christ”: The Person of Jesus Christ in Chao’s Later Period (1936-1950)
Chapter 6. “Jesus is Christ”: The Work of Jesus Christ in Chao’s Later Period (1936-1950)
Chapter 7. Toward a Chinese Christology: An Ethically Oriented Dao Christology
Chapter 8. Conclusion


All interested in the Chinese theology and Chinese Christianity of the 20th century, and anyone concerned with T. C. Chao and his theology.