Die Suche nach dem 'Gottesland'


Francis Breyer's Punt. Die Suche nach dem ›Gottesland‹ covers every aspect concerning Punt, this land known only from ancient Egyptian sources. Several disciplines have contributed to the discussion on its localization: Egyptology, Nubien Studies, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, and African Studies, among others. The various disciplines' arguments are carefully studied, especially with the history of research and the Zeitgeist in mind. For the very first time, the question is asked, which archaeological culture from the horn of Africa can be correlated to the data from the textual and iconographic sources, all of which are collected, translated and commented on. Breyer not only comprehensively reconstructs the entire organization of the Egyptian expeditions, i.e. participants, routes, trade goods, but also addresses the people of Punt, their cultural background and way of life.


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Biographical Note

Francis Breyer (PD Dr. habil.) is lecturer of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Bonn. He has published several monographs, including: Einführung in die Meroitistik (2014), Altakkadisches Elementarbuch (2014), Das Königreich Aksum (2012), Ägypten und Anatolien (2010) and Tanutamani. Die Traumstele und ihr Umfeld (2003).

Table of contents

I. Prolegomena
II. Die Grundlagen
III. Die Neuzeit auf der Suche nach Punt
IV. Die Suche der Ägypter
V. Zu neuen Ufern
VI. Ein ethnohistorischer Versuch
VII. Gefunden: Punt in Abessinien
VIII. Die ägyptischen Quellen zu Punt
IX. Verzeichnis der Tafeln und Abbildungen
X. Bibliographie
XI. Tafeln
XII. Karten
XIII. Addendum
XIV. Indices


Egyptologists as well as those interested in Nubian and Ethiopian Studies, and the History of Science. More specificly it will appeal to someone interested in the localization of Punt or on ancient expeditions.


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