Mapping China

Peasants, Migrant Workers and Informal Labor


Editor: Chongqing Wu
This collection includes seven articles from the journal Open Times, a window into contemporary Chinese academic trends. All the articles deal with the topic of “peasants, migrant workers and informal labor,” but each has a different emphasis.

It illustrates various ways that people from a countryside make use of local social resources to seek out ways to making a living. In these models, we can still see traditional social networks, various degrees of ties based on kinship and locality, and the existence of humans as social groups. It also analyzes Dagongmei’s collective actions to fight against the capital and patriarchy, workers’ collective resistance at OEM factories, and the impacts of labor migration on rural poverty and inequality.

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Chongqing Wu, Ph.D. (1964), is Professor of Philosophy at Sun Yat-sen University. He has published monographs and articles on China, including The Path to the Sun Village (Law Press) and Baseless Society of Acquaintance and Social Reconstruction (Social Sciences Academic Press).
Series Foreword
Li Huaiyin and Wu Chongqing

Wu Chongqing

1 Small Farming in the Market Economy: A Study of a Village in Shandong, and Its Theoretical Significance
Gao Yuan
2 “Beyond the Boundary”: A Countermovement to the Hollowing-out of Rural China
Wu Chongqing
3 Social Ties and the Market: A Study of Digital Printing Industry from an Informal Economy Perspective
Tan Tongxue
4 Discursive Dyslexia and the Articulation of Class: A Theoretical Perspective on China’s Young Female Migrant Workers (Dagongmei)
Pun Ngai
5 The Class Formation: Control of Capital and Collective Resistance of Chinese Construction Workers
Pun Ngai, Lu Huilin, and Zhang Huipeng
6 Internet Mobilizing and Workers’ Collective Resistance at OEM Factories
Wang Jianhua
7 The Impacts of Labor Migration on Rural Poverty and Inequality
Tan Shen

All interested in contemporary Chinese Studies, especially the transformation of the Chinese rural societies, peasant workers, urban-rural relationship and regional differences in China.