Muqarnas 33


Muqarnas 33 contains articles that range chronologically and geographically from a study of architectural innovations in the early mosque under the Umayyads to an analysis of archaeological finds in medieval Armenia, the book culture of Bijapur, and a discussion of a nineteenth-century Muslim cemetery in Malta. Readers will also discover essays on, respectively, the influence of a Tabrizi workshop on Cairene architecture in the fourteenth century, and the brilliant ceramic tiles of the fifteenth-century Uzun Hasan Mosque in Tabriz, as well as the latest research on the coffeehouses of Safavid Isfahan and on the architectural patronage of Shah ʿAbbas. A study of a Timurid pilgrimage scroll in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha and an essay on Bihari calligraphy round out the volume. The Notes and Sources section features a never-before-published treatise on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. Muqarnas 33 includes articles by Heba Mostafa, Diana Isaac Bakhoum, Sandra Aube, David Roxburgh and Mounia Abudaya-Chehkhab, Eloïse Brac de la Perrière, Keelan Overton, Charles Melville, Farshid Emami, Conrad Thake, Ünver Rüstem, and Hans Barnard, Sneha Shah, Gregory E. Areshian, and Kym F. Faull.

Muqarnas: An Annual on the Visual Cultures of the Islamic World is sponsored by the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Gülru Necipoğlu, (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1986) is the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at Harvard University. She has been the editor of Muqarnas since 1993.
Géza Dávid, “In Memoriam: Győző Gerő (1924–2011)”

Heba Mostafa, “The Early Mosque Revisited: Introduction of the Minbar and Maqṣūra”

Diana Isaac Bakhoum, “The Foundation of a Tabrizi Workshop in Cairo: A Case Study of Its Influence on the Mosque of Emir Altunbugha al-Maridani”

Sandra Aube, “The Uzun Hasan Mosque in Tabriz: New Perspectives on a Tabrizi Ceramic Tile Workshop”

Eloïse Brac de la Perrière, “Manuscripts in Bihari Calligraphy: Preliminary Remarks on a Little-Known Corpus”

Keelan Overton, “Book Culture, Royal Libraries, and Persianate Painting in Bijapur, circa 1580–1630”

Charles Melville, “New Light on Shah ʿAbbas and the Construction of Isfahan”

Farshid Emami, “Coffeehouses, Urban Spaces, and the Formation of a Public Sphere in Safavid Isfahan”

Conrad Thake, “Envisioning the Orient: The New Muslim Cemetery in Malta”

Ünver Rüstem, “The Spectacle of Legitimacy: The Dome-Closing Ceremony of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque”

Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya, Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes, and David J. Roxburgh, “Sayyid Yusuf’s 1433 Pilgrimage Scroll (Ziyārātnāma) in the Collection of the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha”

Hans Barnard, Sneha Shah, Gregory E. Areshian, and Kym F. Faull, “Chemical Insights into the Function of Four Sphero-Conical Vessels from Medieval Dvin, Armenia”
Those interested in the visual culture of the Islamic world, as well as Byzantinists, Europeanists, medievalists, historians of the early modern era, and architectural historians.
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