Iberia and the Mediterranean World of the Middle Ages, Volume II

Essays in Honor of Robert I. Burns., S.J.


Editors: Kagay, Padilla and Paul Chevedden
Brill's seriesThe Medieval Mediterranean has established itself as the main forum for studies exploring all aspects of the Mediterranean world during a period of 1000 years.

In the medieval period, the Mediterranean experienced a multiplicity of developments in social, political and economic structures, and in populations, religions and cultures. The centuries between the Late Roman world of the fourth and fifth century and the early modern, "Braudelian", Mediterranean of the sixteenth century were characterised by sweeping changes, including the establishment of post-Roman kingdoms in the west, the emergence of Slav societies in the Balkans, the struggle between Christians and Muslims in Spain and the movement of crusaders.

Founded in 1993,The Medieval Mediterranean series reflects the complexity of this period with a wide variety of high-quality scholarly works: from broad surveys to diachronic studies of particular areas or cities; investigations of individual themes or issues; conference proceedings, text editions and fully annotated translations.

Top specialists in a range of fields have contributed to the series and the volumes which have appeared so far have been warmly welcomed by reviewers. This series is indispensable for readers with interests in the history of later antiquity, the Middle Ages, Byzantium, Islam, the Balkans and the Black Sea area.

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At present 3 volumes of around 350 pages each are published in the series each year. The vast majority of the books in the series are in the English language, although works of outstanding quality in French or German may also be included. Volumes contain illustrations and maps where appropriate.

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Biographical Note

Paul E. Chevedden, Ph.D. (1986) in History, University of California, Los Angeles. His publications mainly deal with medieval siegecraft and artillery. Donald J. Kagay, Ph.D. (1981) in History, Fordham University. He has published extensively on the legal history of the medieval Crown of Aragon including The Usages of Barcelona: The Fundamental Law of Barcelona ( Philadelphia, 1994). Paul G. Padilla, M.A. (1981) in History. His research focuses on the economic and social history of fifteenth-century Valencia.

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List of Illustrations List of Tables List of Contributors Acknowledgements Abbreviations Bibliography of Robert I. Burns, S.J. Introduction Part One Man of Two Frontiers: Robert I. Burns, S.J. R.I. Burns as Ethnologist and Historian of the Old Worldc and the New Part Two Warfare and Diplomacy The Artillery of King James I the Conqueror Army Mobilization, Roayl Administration, and the Realm in the Thirteenth-Century Crown of Aragon Kings and Lords in Conflict in Late Thriteenth-Century Castile and Aragon Part Three The Land of Three Religions The Civic Status of the Jew in Medieval Spain Conversion and Co-existence: The Franciscan Mission in the Crown of Aragon Islamic Social Structures in Muslim and Christian Valencia Berbers in Valencia: The Case of Irrigation Part Four Lay and Ecclesiastical Interaction Lay and Ecclestiastical Encounters on the Medieval Castilian Frontier Sacred and Secular Politics: The Convent of Sant Pere de les Puelles in Thritheenth-Century Barcelona Ransomers or Royal Agents: The Mercedarians and the Aragonese Crwon in the Fourtheenth Century Consipiracy and Cover-up: The Order of Montesa on Trial (1352) Part Five Urban and Commercial Development The Growth of the Cities of the Crown of Aragon in the Later Middle Ages Commerce and the Kingdom of Majorca, (1150-1450) The TRansport of Muslim Slaves in Fiftheenth-Century Valencia Dubrovnik and Spain: Commerce and Human Contacts, Foutheenth-Sixteenth Centuries The Spanish Kingdoms and the Wider World in the Later Middle Ages Bibliography Index


Those interested in military and economic history, medieval Spain, the medieval Mediterranean.

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